4 Expert Bikini Wax Tricks to Help It Last Longer

Okay, Bikini waxes are scary, and there are plenty of things about them we’d like to change. The pain factor and price are the first few factors that come to mind. In fact, there’s an ongoing debate surrounding whether bikini waxes are truly that painful. Some say the more you get them, the less painful they become, but either way, it’s an uncomfortable experience to sit through. You do it anyway because you know what they say: Beauty is pain—and the end results are well worth it.

So once you survive your waxing session like a champ, this question comes to mind: What if we could just make the results last longer? Then, all the rest of our issues would be less problematic. Getting a bikini wax and then waking up with short, stubble hairs a few days later is the worst. On the brighter side, there are ways to work around this and make your bikini wax last longer.

We went to the pros to see if extending the results of our bikini waxes was an attainable ask. Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Center; Melanie Coba, European Wax Center’s brand ambassador; and Natale Davidov, manager of Waxclub, all agree it’s possible and not too difficult. You just have to incorporate a few of their tried-and-true bikini wax tips into your routine to make it happen. Scroll on for the rundown on exactly how it’s done.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.