Everything You Need to Know About Every Bikini Wax Style

Updated 11/18/16
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Despite the fact that it's long been common practice, landscaping our nether regions is an act that's shrouded in mystery. The Encyclopedia of Hair details evidence of it throughout human history, yet grooming below the belt remains a hush-hush topic to the point that even those who partake are left in the dark about what exactly goes on (and comes off).

When it comes to waxing as a means of pubic hair maintenance, the particulars can become especially convoluted. Waxing salons often boast a menu of exotic names that sound more like cocktails than designations for taking care of hair down there. In an effort to bring some clarity to the subject, we've decided to uncover the truth about bikini lines. Waxing styles come down to essentially three categories, depending on your intended level of bareness.

Though how much and or how little you remove comes down to personal preference, here's a breakdown of each option.

Keep scrolling to learn about the three common styles of bikini waxing.


Though sometimes thrown around as a catchall for any waxing that occurs around your lady parts, a bikini wax in its purest sense means removing hair along the bikini line. This includes hair growing on the upper leg and inner thigh or along the top edge of hair growth just below the stomach. Essentially anywhere that isn't covered up by a swimsuit. Beyond this, one can choose to be more aggressive with just how much they take off along the edges. Some choose to shape their hair growth into designs like triangles, squares, hearts, and the ever-popular landing strip.


 A Brazilian wax means that everything comes off. From front to back, not a hair is left after one of these sessions. Despite the pain and effort that go into achieving the look, as well as the shift in favor for a more natural aesthetic, the Brazilian has been a mainstay in below-the-belt grooming.


The French what? While we're all familiar to some degree with the good old fashioned bikini and the bolder Brazilian, the French wax is a lesser-known variant served up in hair removal salons. The French wax is a compromise between the bikini and the Brazilian. It takes off all or most of the hair from the front—sometimes leaving a small landing strip—but unlike the Brazilian, doesn't take off any hair from the back.

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