5 Tricks for Making a Bikini Wax Less Miserable

Updated 09/23/16

There's almost no basic maintenance procedure in the beauty world that causes more pain and anticipatory panic than the dreaded bikini wax. Though the results make it worth the hurt every damn time, there's not one person in their right mind who looks forward to the process. In fact we know many people who have never gotten one in their whole life, out of sheer fear of the physical discomfort involved. Though a bikini wax is never going to feel like a walk in the park, there are things you can do to majorly minimize the pain involved. Keep scrolling to learn how to make your next wax way more pleasant. 

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Stimulants like caffeine amp up your pain receptors and make you more sensitive to feeling it, so it's smart to skip having coffee before you have a wax scheduled to make it less miserable. Instead, treat yourself to a cup afterwards as your reward for making it through! 

Soaking the area before a wax will soften the hair and make it easier to remove. Try scheduling your bikini wax for 11 a.m. on a Saturday, so you have the time to take a quick bath before hand (ten to twenty minutes of soaking will do the trick), and so that you don't miss your morning cup of joe for too long. 

This one's a no-brainer that's practically no effort and can make a world of difference. Pop an aspirin or ibuprofen 45-60 minutes before the start of your wax to maximize its pain-blocking capabilities. Almost any wax specialist with a pain-sensitive client will recommend making this a pre-wax habit. 

Last but definitely not least, remember the old acronym TIE: timing is everything. With bikini waxes, this is true both in terms of hair length and your menstrual cycle. You never want to get a bikini wax the week before your period, as you're significantly more sensitive to pain during that week. Basically the whole experience will feel amplified. Instead, schedule it for a week after your period ends, when your pain tolerance is at its peak. In terms of hair, the longer you go between waxes, the worse it will feel. More hair, and thicker amounts of it = more pain. The ideal time to wait between waxes is approximately five weeks (estheticians recommend between four and six weeks, and we've found that five is usually the perfect time). The more consistently you wax, the softer and finer hair gets and the easier the process gets. 

Do you have any secret waxing tips and tricks for making it less painful? Share them in the comments below! 

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