7 Bikercore Outfits For Your Motocrossed Era

Bella Hadid wearing a lace dress and biker jacket

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There’s perhaps no bigger trend at the forefront of fashion right now than bikercore (yes, we have ourselves another core). While the trend cycle has never moved faster than it is in the age of TikTok, biker- and racing-inspired fashion shows no signs of waning.

One of the signs of the racer-inspired trend's longevity lies in the fact that many brands are still pumping out their own versions. While many iterations of the trend mirror traditional motorcycle racing suits with a focus on jackets (think leather, high-neck, collarless variations, often with stripes or bright color blocking), or more subtle variations (like black bombers and fitted jackets in vintage washes), many designers have taken to update the look both with modernity and their own brand identity in mind. In some instances, such as DL1961’s fall collection, the leather component is totally left behind in favor of denim with a biker feel brought in through the silhouette and stitching details.

“[Bikercore] embodies the overall attitude of today's post-pandemic society,” Sarah Ahmed, Chief Creative Officer of DL1961 tells Byrdie. “There are no rules, and it's time to rebel.” For the customer who is fashion-forward, the brand’s denim-focused approach to moto dressing features seaming details that mimic the design of your typical vintage biker set, but in a “more feminine and accessible manner.”

Being able to play around with all of the ways to style biker-inspired tops, pants, and dresses encourages us to have a little fun with fashion, and you may be surprised to find there’s something to fit virtually every aesthetic. Ahead, seven bikercore outfits that nail the look.

A Dainty Mini

While the bikercore trend comes with just the right amount of a welcomed, more masculine twist, there are ultra-feminine versions of the trend as well. For instance, for a date night or an evening on the town with friends, put an edgy and fashion-forward spin on the classic LBD by opting for one with embossed biker details. With it, you still have the sultriness of your typical mini dress, but with a sporty spin. The look calls for a dainty pair of heels and a statement ear-cuff to hone in on the cool-girl factor.

Dress Up A Jacket With Lace

Bella Hadid celebrated her birthday back in October wearing an oversized biker jacket over a sheer lace dress, and the unexpected pairing somehow just works. Furthermore, it just goes to show that adding a biker jacket does make everything better. Staying on theme with an outfit that’s full of surprises, forgo the predictable black heel and trade them in for a pair of metallic pumps instead.

Vintage Boho

One of the most interesting things about the bikercore trend is how some have merged it with other aesthetics. For a look that teeters the lines of vintage-inspired and western, reach for a biker jacket with a distressed element, then pair it with a corduroy maxi skirt.


Without a doubt, much of the bikercore allure harkens back to some of Hollywood’s biggest It-girls of the ‘90s (celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss, and Gwyneth Paltrow were among the few repeatedly photographed in the edgy style at the time). The common denominator? The outfits were always seemingly effortless, a trait that still marks the ultimate model-off-duty wardrobe today. That said, nailing the look is pretty easy—all it takes is a leather jacket of your choosing, a white tank, and vintage-style jeans. To keep things simple, stylish, and practical, add on a pair of chunky boots.

With a Mini Skirt and Boots

As far as popular pairings go, biker jackets and mini skirts topped off with tall boots reign supreme. Just scroll your TikTok FYP or Instagram explore page for confirmation. It's the ultimate blend of masculine and feminine, and adding knee-high boots is the perfect styling trick to extend the shelf life of mini skirts beyond the summer months.

Biker Canadian Tuxe

While the nature of the bikercore aesthetic is certainly dominated by leather, the trend isn’t without the ability to cross over into other areas as well. Putting a biker spin on the Canadian tuxedo is just one way to experiment. The best way to do this is to look for denim that comes with details that mimic racer apparel. If you want to keep things really interesting, style the look with denim boots.

Leather Set

In terms of channeling your inner racer, there’s probably nothing more on-brand than a matching set. Admittedly, finding the perfect matching leather set can be hard, so don’t be afraid to get creative and mix and match different brands or slightly different washes.

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