Is This Cult French Skincare Product Going to Be Gone for Good?

French skincare staple Biafine could be discontinued, according to Into the Gloss. The prescription-strength cream is a multiuse skin saver known for healing sunburn-ravaged skin and scars. Model Elle Macpherson tells the site she uses it as a moisturizer (it's ideal for those with sensitive skin). ITG's source says that one of the only stateside retailers, Thompson Street Chemists in NYC, will no longer carry the cult-favorite cream.

"This is our last order from Biafine: The company is shutting down [or something]. I'm not sure what happened, but it's something because we can't get it anymore," the employee revealed to ITG's source. Johnson & Johnson, Biafine's parent company since 2004, has yet to confirm this rumor, so there's still hope. In the meantime, if it's time for a new tube of Biafine for your medicine cabinet or you've been putting off trying the French-girl skin secret, you may as well get to it ASAP in case it's no longer available in the future. Then again, you can always use that as an excuse to visit Paris, no?

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