Searches for This Zodiac Eye Palette Are Up 3000%

Updated 11/29/17

Astrology lovers, rejoice. BH Cosmetics has dropped a palette based entirely on the zodiac calendar, and it's just as celestial as you'd expect. The Zodiac 25 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette ($20) features 24 total shades: 12 baked shimmers and 12 baked mattes to create a palette so pigmented and versatile that we're willing to bet you'll want to use each shade, regardless of whether it corresponds with your sign or not.

According to the power colors in astrology, the shades within the palette are inaccurate—in fact, only Cancer and Virgo are exact matches. However, your rising signsmoon signs, and compatibility signs may translate to the perfect shade for your complexion (and personality)—but, of course, the beauty of makeup is that there are no rules.

Astrology color technicalities aside, BH did a pretty great job of deciding which shades match each sign by their own set of standards: For example, Aries is always ready to stand out and be bold, hence the striking blue metallic shade. Sagittarius is a traveler by nature and loves wandering the world, which makes the earthy green hue an appropriate choice.

The unsung hero of the palette is the highlighter, centered between all the shades. The opal white tone adds a level of otherworldly dimension to your face wherever it's applied and complements each of the tones in the palette. It's essentially the moon that all of the signs orbit around. Genius.

Are you going to give this palette a try? Let us know below!

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