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The Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide for Your BFF

We now turn our attention to your person. The Meredith to your Christina. The Blair to your Serena. The Rachel to your Monica. This person is your better half and the family you chose; she deserves the absolute best. But we know shopping for your BFF can be tough stuff. Suddenly, you second-guess all of your instincts. Wait, does she hate gels or love them this month? What did she say her favorite fragrance was again? Is she obsessed with bronzer, or was that me? The process is overwhelming, to say the least. And when it comes to your closest friend, we all want to choose a gift they'll flip out over.

Keep scrolling for foolproof beauty gift ideas for your bestie. 

Ariana Grande Moonlgiht Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande Moonlgiht Eau de Parfum $41

We strongly believe Ariana Grande is everyone's spirit animal; fun, strong, confident, and beyond talented (why, why weren't we blessed with the talent to sing?)—she can pretty much do it all. If we were to somehow encapsulate those traits into a scent, we would come up with the same scent as Moonlight. It's made of marshmallow, peony, sandalwood, and vanilla for a warm sweet scent that is strong and feminine, like our favorite songstress. 

EVESAdesign Holly Golightly Sleep Mask
EVESAdesign Holly Golightly Sleep Mask $22

Who wouldn't want to feel like they were waking up in Breakfast at Tiffany's every day? Even if they aren't super girly, we have a hunch most ladies would love this. It's also super comfy.

A graphic featuring Ariana Grande's Moonlight perfume beside the words "If your BFF is as notoriously difficult to shop for as ours is, allow us to suggest Moonlight, the newest fragrance by Ariana Grande." "Created by Ariana Grande's Moonlight." "Ad"
 Ariana Grande, Moonlight
Byredo Velvet Haze
Byredo Velvet Haze $260

The only other person you'd ever willingly give Byredo to is your BFF; that is how much he or she means to you. This new scent from Byredo is sweet and earthy, made of notes of patchouli leaves and coconut. 

Diptyque Baies Giant Large Candle Indoor & Outdoor $325

When it comes to cult classic candle scents, Baies claims the top spot. This holiday season, it comes in all-black ceramic candle holder with star decals all over. Your BFF deserves the best of the best, but this puts a unique spin on everyone's favorite candle. 

Chanel Rouge Allure
Chanel Rouge Allure $38

A true sign of friendship is when the first Chanel gifts are exchanged. The Chanel holiday collection features a fierce red lipstick guaranteed to turn heads, just as your BFF does on a daily basis. 

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