5 Exercises Beyoncé Does To Stay Fit

In honor of the 5th anniversary of the Let's Move campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama challenged America to "gimme five" and share five ways to stay healthy. Like the role model and friend of the Obamas that she is, Beyoncé stepped up to the challenge and shared a pretty epic fitness video on her Instagram, with five workout moves she does like a boss. In the inspiring short, set to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger" (naturally), Queen Bey does standing side bends, crunches with a weighted ball, front jab punches while holding dumbbells, step-up side lunges, and front lunges. Michelle Obama later regrammed and tweeted the video, with a cute comment about sharing your own favorite drills, lest you dissapoint "The Beygency." And suddenly, we want to blast the same song and workout like Beyoncé. Check out the awesome video for yourself, below!