Beyoncé's New "Sunwashed Blonde" Hair Deserves a Spot on Your Summer Moodboard

Bey went blonder again.

Beyonce with money piece highlights

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Other than a brief affair with dark chocolate hair in 2007, we can’t remember a time when Beyoncé *didn’t* have some sort of warm-toned blonde in her hair. The singer opened her Renaissance World Tour on May 10 in Stockholm, Sweden, and subsequently set the internet ablaze with her stunning glitzy outfits and chrome beat. She also used the concert as an opportunity to reveal her new sunwashed blonde hair color with an undone blowout.

beyoncé on stage for the renaissance world tour in stockholm sweden on may 10

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Beyoncé’s colorist, Rita Hazan, switched up Bey’s hair for the show, creating a new sunwashed blonde color for the singer. “I love when Beyoncé is blonde on stage,” says Hazan in an Instagram post. “It’s sexy, it looks amazing, and when she gives that flip of the hair!!" Hazan and her assistant, Lamont Gonzales, added bright warm-toned blonde highlights all throughout Beyoncé’s hair, focusing the color around her face and towards the ends. Hazan and Gonzales maintained depth by adding dark caramel lowlights.

Although it may seem like Beyoncé has been blonde since the dawn of time, the singer is all about the details, and a closer look proves that she’s been subtly switching up her hair color almost every year since 2000. For instance, her hair in 2003, which featured trendy chunky blonde highlights with a caramel base, was far different from the all-copper hair she wore in 2005. And in 2014, she went full platinum, which was much brighter than her caramel-on-caramel shade in 2020.

Bey recently dabbled in money piece highlights, which emphasized her mostly-brown hair with a pop of blonde in the front, and now she’s transitioning to an almost all-blonde ‘do with her sunwashed blonde highlights.

Her hair has always featured shades of blonde—there's no denying Beyoncé knows what works for her—but the placement and depth of her color is where the singer has her fun with trends. And it looks like there will be more honey-blonde on the horizon. This year alone, Bella Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian Barker both dabbled in Aspen blonde and platinum blonde, respectively, pointing to a revival of full-on blonde.

After a few seasons of copper's undisputed reign as the hottest hair color around, Beyoncé’s sunwashed blonde is just another example of what may be the next big trend this summer.

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