Beyoncé's Spotlight Blonde Highlights Are About to Be Everywhere

Her colorist tells us exactly how to get them.

Beyonce with blonde highlights and a yellow dress


For an era as big as Beyoncé's Renaissance, special attention must be paid. Even among larger-than-life popstars, Beyoncé and her legacy command a massive amount of attention—and her eye for aesthetics means even the tiniest details of her visuals and vocals need to be spot-on. Fortunately, Queen Bey has quite a few trusted industry experts all tuned in to the vision, too. Rita Hazan, the celebrity colorist to fellow A-listers like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, has worked on Beyoncé's warm, honey highlights for years now—but her newest technique designed specifically for the star is impressive even by Hollywood standards.

Hazan's new "spotlight blonde" technique, created to illuminate and amplify color as if under a spotlight, added so much brilliance to Beyoncé's Renaissance party look that it immediately made headlines. And while an invite into Mrs. Carter's world is still pretty damn exclusive, her hair secrets don't have to be. Hazan spoke with Byrdie all about the crafty highlight trick, how exactly it works, and how you can get the look at your own salon. Yet another thing you and Beyoncé would have in common, right? Below is everything you need to know about spotlight blonde and spotlight highlights.

What Are Spotlight Highlights?

As it happens, spotlight highlights are both made to look luminous and fantastic under actual spotlights. Considering that professionally-lit stages and bright studios are Beyoncé's version of an office cubicle, Hazan wanted to make sure her hair caught (and looked perfect) under every beam. "When Beyoncé is doing music, she is usually in a place to go bolder with her color to match the vibe of the music," Hazan tells Byrdie. Unlike the rest of the globe, Hazan knew she had an album in the works, meaning dancing, performances, videos, and visuals were all underway—which calls for color that will read well under lights of all kinds, even in casual photos and ring light selfies. Most importantly, spotlight highlights aren't in-your-face, chunky, stripey, or even especially bold. They're simply bright, luminous, and strategically placed, Hazan explains, adding that she also lightened Beyoncé's base to help every color blend seamlessly.

As Bey's colorist of a decade, Hazan is tuned in to the superstar's upcoming work projects and her aesthetic preferences. Together, the pair have explored all sorts of shades and color techniques, all specially designed to pop both on-screen and off. Earlier this year, for instance, Beyoncé's hair (and powerhouse vocals) during her Oscars performance made headlines for the brilliant "shadow highlights" also created by Hazan. That take on traditional highlights is more natural-looking and softer than its cousin, spotlight highlights, but perfectly suited to the awards show segment.

How To Get Beyoncé's Spotlight Highlights

 While the halo-effect highlights were created especially for Bey, the technique is one easily incorporated into any existing hair texture, color, and style. The key, Hazan says, is to ensure the colors and shades used are all tailored to flatter you and your individual skin tone—as anyone who's experimented with highlights knows, not all "blondes" are created equal. To start, have a conversation with your colorist about the exact vibe you're looking for, complete with visual aids. Hazan recommends starting with lightening your base color by a shade or two to set the stage for the spotlight highlights.

"This helps to keep the color soft and not stripey or chunky," she explains. From there, ask your colorist for a slightly bolder highlight, but nothing too drastically different from what you already have. Hazan says just one to two shades lighter will usually do the trick and make all the difference.

With the new, Beyoncé-approved highlights in place, all that's left is protecting your investment. Color-treated hair requires special care and products designed to not only extend the life of your color but keep it looking as fresh as possible. "Glosses are so important to maintain hair color in between salon visits, and weekly remedy treatment is a must to keep hair healthy at all times," Hazan advises, pointing to her eponymous line's brass-busting gloss and deep-conditioning treatment. To save time, carve out an hour on Sundays (or whenever!) to dedicate to general all-at-once upkeep: a face mask, a hair treatment, maybe even a moisturizing paraffin glove sesh for your hands and feet. Just consider it your Beyoncé hour—she would most certainly approve.

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