Beyoncé Was a Golden Goddess at the Grammys—Here's How to Channel Her Look


Getty/Kevork Djansezien

In case we needed any reminding that she's a bona fide goddess, Beyoncé took to the Grammy stage wearing an actual halo (halo, halooo-oo) last night for a much-anticipated performance, flanked by a holographic legion of fellow female warriors. All in all, it was a powerful tribute to motherhood and the strength of feminine power—and because it's Beyoncé, she looked absolutely flawless while doing it.

But otherworldly talent and general regality aside, Beyoncé is a woman of the people, and you might be surprised to learn that her ethereal beauty look actually came courtesy of a bunch of drugstore makeup. Take that highlighter, for example, with a luster you could probably see from space: It's L'Oréal, and it costs $11. (And in the interest of full disclosure, it was actually paired with a gold drugstore eye shadow to up the wattage even further.)

The tl;dr of it is that we can all be golden goddesses without dropping a ton of cash. Get the full details on her look from her makeup artist, Sir John, below.