Slay Like Bey: 12 Tricks From Beyoncé's Makeup Artist


Juergen Teller/T Magazine

There’s no question that Beyoncé’s look is always flawless—she’s practically superhuman at this point. So when I sat down to evaluate my beauty routine for a piece, it was her name that came to mind. I wondered, “What does she do to consistently slay?” Other than her hard work, otherworldly dance moves, and general Queen Bey demeanor, it’s her skin that really stuck out to me.

Beyoncé rarely does the same thing twice, but she does have some signature go-tos that have had the entire Internet searching for tricks to emulate. So who better than her trusted makeup artist to supply us with our own Beyhive-worthy tips? I chatted with Sir John, brand ambassador for L'Oréal Paris and Beyoncé’s go-to guru for all things makeup, to find out what I could be doing to look and feel more like Mrs. Carter herself.

Keep scrolling for Sir John’s best beauty advice (and extra points if you sing along to “Upgrade U” as you read).