Beyoncé's Colorist Shares Her #1 Tip For Color-Treated Hair

Beyoncé didn’t earn the nickname Queen Bey for nothing: After dropping a surprise album that shot straight to number one, shutting down an entire football stadium's power mid–Super Bowl, and just completely killing it time and time again, we wonder if there’s anything she can’t do. But as seemingly perfect as her incredible dance moves and out-of-control vocals are, we also can’t help but notice her perfectly colored (windblown) locks. The person behind this color? Rita Hazan. So naturally, we picked the color connoisseur's brain to find out how to achieve our own flawless color. Keep scrolling to learn more!

“I think people need to change the way they wash their hair. You have to treat your scalp as you treat your skin. That means you must wash it and stop using dry shampoo. [Ed note: gasp!] With all of the products that we use, plus the environment, you’ll clog your pores. You need to clean your scalp so that the pores are open and breathing to have healthy hair growth. That’s why I created my True Color System—I believe in washing your hair, and if you use the right products, you can wash daily without compromising your color,” explains Hazan. Color us intrigued.

How do you tend to your color-treated hair? Do you agree with Hazan? Tell us in the comments!