All the Times Beyoncé's Hair Blew Our Minds

When you think about Beyoncé's hair, you probably think about her big blonde curls that sit below her shoulders and are perfect for whipping when she's performing on stage. But you probably know that her signature hairstyle isn't the only look she's ever gone for. In fact, she's been rather the hair chameleon over the years: She's gone light blonde, light brown, deep brunette, and everything in between. Not to mention she's played with tight curls, loose waves and poker-straight tresses. What we're saying is that Queen Bey is not afraid to experiment. 

To show you what we mean, and because we're massive Beyoncé fans (really, come on, who isn't?), we've trawled through her past hairstyles to see which ones we'd forgotten about and which ones we still totally love now. From her Destiny's Child days to 2016's Super Bowl performance, we've found 25 times that Bey completely change up her look by wearing a new hairstyle. Click through our gallery of Beyoncé's 25 best hairstyles.

1. A Blunt Fringe

Beyoncé hair
Robert Mora /Getty Images

This long blunt fringe with straight hair was a total game-changer for us, especially when we were so used to seeing her with those big curls. 

2. Braids and a Ponytail

Beyoncé hair
Vince Bucci /Getty Images

The singer has always looked great with a ponytail. We love this braided version.

3. Classic Cornrows

Beyoncé hair
KMazur /Getty Images

While this look is definitely more from her old-school days (2001, people), we still think if she wore it today, it would still look just as fresh. 

4. The Destiny's Child Look

Beyoncé hair
Jeffrey Mayer /Getty Images

This was when we started to get to see Beyoncé's hair transform into the classic curled look she wears now. 

5. A Beehive

Beyoncé hair
Jeff Snyder /Getty Images

Bey with a beehive. Proof that she can look good with any hair colour and style. 

6. A Side Part

Beyoncé hair
Steve Granitz /Getty Images

For 2011's Golden Globes, Beyoncé stunned with a more sophisticated look. 

7. Curly Low Bun

Beyoncé hair
Gregg DeGuire /Getty Images

At 2004's Grammy Awards, Beyoncé went for this low-bun look. 

8. Super Straight

Jeff Vespa /Getty Images

Sure, we love the curls, but when Beyoncé goes super-straight, we love it too. She wore this style to the Grammys in 2010.

9. Middle Part

Beyoncé hair
Mike Coppola /Getty Images

Not everyone can pull off the middle parting, but thanks to Bey's symmetrical face (it's pretty perfect, no?), she can wear this look with no problem. 

10. Dark Brunette

Beyoncé hair
Bruce Glikas /Getty Images

We're all used to seeing Beyoncé with blonde hair, but that's not always been the case, as proven here in April 2010.

11. Bronde

Beyoncé hair
Noel Vasquez /Getty Images

The classic Beyoncé blonde curls are there, but with some dark pieces underneath, proving that she too can do bronde with no problem. 

12. Tight Curls

Gregg DeGuire /Getty Images

We'll never forget this look from Austin Powers in Goldmember. Those curls were pure disco.

13. Feathered Hair

Beyoncé hair
Chris Weeks /Getty Images

Feathered hair was all the rage when we were at school, and Bey gave us some serious inspo in 2003 when she wore this haircut. 

14. Winged Fringe

Beyoncé hair
Theo Wargo /Getty Images

For anyone who loved Beyoncé's second album, B'Day, you'll remember that this was a signature look of hers. We spent hours trying to re-create that perfect dark roots–to–blonde ends ratio.

15. Layered

Beyoncé hair
KMazur /Getty Images

Hands up who else had this exact haircut in the early '00s?

16. Dark Curls

Beyoncé hair
RJ Capak /Getty Images

In 2006, Queen Bey ditched the blonde and went fully brunette. 

17. Honey Blonde

Beyoncé hair
Dimitrios Kambouris /Getty Images

This is more of the Beyoncé we're used to seeing. Here, at the 2006 Met Gala, she went for deep dark roots, blonde hair and then darker brown at the ends. 

18. Hollywood Glamour

Larry Busacca/Chime For Change /Getty Images

Just because BK lives in New York doesn't mean she can't do classic Hollywood glamour.

19. The Lob

Beyoncé hair

When the singer went for the chop, we'll be honest—we weren't so sure about it. But now? It was totally chic and freshened up her hairstyle. Plus, she gets extra points for going out of her comfort zone. 

20. Practically Platinum

Beyoncé hair
Kevin Mazur /Getty Images

In 2014, Beyoncé went more blonde than we've ever seen her. Coupled with the red lip, this style was high glamour. 

21. Super Long

Beyoncé hair
Jon Kopaloff /Getty Images

In keeping with the trend to go super long (hey there, Kim Kardashian West), Beyoncé went for this look at this year's Grammys. The style was pure laid-back chic.

22. Curled High Ponytail

Beyoncé hair
Mike Coppola /Getty Images

One of our all-time favourite hairstyles was this curled high ponytail that the star wore at the 2015 Met Gala. 

23. Slicked Back

Beyoncé hair
Kurt Krieger /Getty Images

Even by 2003, when this photo was taken, we were used to seeing Beyoncé with lots of hair framing her face. This style meant we got to see her beautiful face, plus her incredible taste in earrings.

24. An Epic Braid

Beyoncé hair
John Lamparski /Getty Images

As with her music, Beyoncé is pushing more boundaries in terms of her sense of fashion and that extends to her hair. This seriously long plait is a great example of that. 

25. Classic Beyoncé

Beyoncé hair
Ezra Shaw /Getty Images

At this year's Super Bowl halftime show, Beyoncé performed alongside Coldplay. For that, she wore her hair in the "classic Beyoncé" style—big and curly. 

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