You'll Never Guess the $3 Product Beyoncé Uses Instead of Eyebrow Gel


Getty/John Lamparski

The majority rules, and their verdict is in: Beyoncé can do no wrong. Everything from her singing to her style to her beauty is flawless (pun intended). And it always has been—at least as far as we're concerned—for proof check out our favorite Queen Bey makeup looks from over the years.

But it’s not only Beyoncé we have to admire. Just like with any celeb, there is a talented makeup artist behind some of her most irreplaceable looks (sorry, we had to). For her, it’s L'Oréal Paris ambassador Sir John, who has been working with her for over a decade. The New York–based makeup artist recently revealed his favorite eyebrow product to shape and set brows, and it will definitely surprise you. According to the International Business Times, Sir John uses Elmer's Glue in lieu of brow gel. Yes, like the stuff you used throughout all of elementary school.