In Honor of Beyoncé's Birthday, Here Are 19 of Her Most Iconic Beauty Moments

Bey, Sasha Fierce, Yoncé, Mrs. Carter—Beyoncé is a woman of many monikers and even more faces (all of which happen to be gorgeous). When she lifts a finger, it's like the world stops. She's a queen, if we've ever seen one, who is the epitome of beauty. I was lucky enough to witness her royalty in person during her and Jay-Z's OTR II Tour in New York. Let's just say I'm a changed woman after that epic show. Today is a national holiday, as it marks her 37th birthday, but this Virgo doesn't look a day past 21. Wow. 

To celebrate, we gathered 19 of her most showstopping looks. Ready to bow down? Scroll through to see Beyoncé’s best beauty moments.