Beyoncé Does Something to Her Hair That We Never Expected

We imagine that every celebrity has their own go-to glam squad consisting of a makeup artist, hairstylist, and everything else in between, that will make them look incredible 24/7. Actually, we don't need to imagine this, as we know that many A-listers have an entourage that's always on hand to help beautify them whenever they need it. 

Which is why we were surprised, shocked even, to discover that when Beyoncé needs to get her hair dyed she sometimes does it at home. Let's just say that again so it sinks in: Beyoncé dyes her own hair. Of course, she doesn't do that all the time and does have help in the form of her colorist Rita Hazan, who's known for creating that honey-blonde hue that we like to call Queen Bey hair

Speaking about Bey doing her own color, Hazan revealed in an interview why the star sometimes does it at home: "She’s good at it because her mom had a salon when she was growing up, so she knows what she’s doing. She’ll play with it but she won’t do anything crazy. If she needs to touch it up, she’ll touch it up [herself]."

This gives us joy for two reasons: First, we love that everyone sometimes reaches for the home dye kit, even the A-list. Second, Beyoncé's hair color might not be as hard to achieve as we thought.

David X Prutting/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

So what's the secret to getting the now-iconic hair color? While many hairdressers and colorists swear by toners and glosses, Hazan doesn't. "My theory on color is that you have to hit the color the first time," the colorist revealed. So keep that in mind next time you're going for a new lighter hue. 

Also, it's worth bearing in mind the advice she gives about going lighter, especially if you've already got darker brunette locks. Essentially, you have to take it slow and book multiple appointments so you go lighter each time. 

Finally, if you're wondering what kind of images Beyoncé takes to Hazan for inspiration—she doesn't. According to Hazan, "she has to have her own look." Noted. 

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