This Common Dental Procedure Might Be the Reason You Have Chronic Fatigue



Hating the dentist is as embedded in American folklore and media as having a glass of wine at 5 p.m. or eating pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. "I heard an ad on the radio once that said refinancing your mortgage shouldn't be as painful as a root canal," Daniel W. McNeil, Ph.D., a professor of psychology and dental practice at West Virginia University, said in 2016. Simply put, having adverse feelings toward oral healthcare is just what you do.

We don't share the same dismissive, negative attitudes about the rest of our physical health, though. The newly booming wellness industry is a reflection of millennial consumers taking their health into their own hands, drifting away from traditional medicine and approaching their healthcare more holistically. A recent study found that millennials are more likely to look to alternative medicine as opposed to advice from their primary care doctor to maintain their health. However, the same skepticism, attention, and care don't seem to apply to dentistry. You never hear about people finding oral health gurus. Somehow, folks completely separate their approach to oral health from the rest of their well-being.