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Due to the various forms of bias people of color face, self-presentation (whether it be via our attire or grooming routines) can go a long way in boosting confidence. But as a person of color myself, I know firsthand how much time and effort it can take to find a skincare regimen that works—especially in this world that often fails to prioritize us. 

Having more melanin can lead to unique challenges when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. Think: the impact of folliculitis and pseudo-folliculitis barbae (another way to describe razor bumps) on darker skin tones. People with darker skin can be more prone to hyperpigmentation from acne or other skin conditions, an effect I've encountered myself. There's a clear need for products that meet these challenges. Enter Bevel, a line of products from Walker and Company that founder & CEO Tristan Walker says “are focused on actual issues facing our community.” 

When I asked him what problems he felt were most urgent, he shared guidance from medical professionals, an example of the careful research that goes into each product. “Razor bumps, skin and shave irritation, dry hair and skin—these are simple issues that can impact a person's confidence and haven’t gotten enough attention in the history of health and beauty,” he says.


Founded: By Tristan Walker, in 2013.

Based in: Atlanta, Georgia

Pricing: $$

Mission: To make health and beauty simple for Black people.

Best known for: Creating products that meet the unique needs of Black skin.

Most popular products: Safety Razor, Skin Care Essentials Kit

Other brands you'll love: Frederick Benjamin, Ceylon, Scotch Porter

Bevel aims to help Black people, especially, to find a skincare and grooming routine that works for them. “When you consider the cultural influence of Black women and men, how much money they spend on these categories, and the needs and problems we face regarding our skin and hair, along with our desire to have products that look great and work—I believe we deserved better," he explains.

Looking at all that Bevel has to offer, it seems Walker is on track to make good on his vision. Ahead, see some of Bevel’s best products and get ready to upgrade your skin and grooming routine.

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2-in-1 Exfoliating Pads

Bevel 2-in-1 Exfoliating Pads with 10% Glycolic Acid
Bevel 2-in-1 Exfoliating Pads with 10% Glycolic Acid $12.00

A bestseller, this pack of exfoliating pads can benefit almost anyone. The pads contain 10% glycolic acid, which does everything from helping with ingrown hairs to reducing hyperpigmentation and acne. Even if you aren't prone to these conditions, it's always good practice to slough off dead skin cells via gentle exfoliation, which helps other products to penetrate better. Bevel recommends using this unscented product in the evening, followed by a serum or face gel.

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Shave Starter Kit

Bevel Shave System Starter Kit
Bevel Shave System Starter Kit $90.00

Looking for a close, comfortable shave that you can achieve at home can be an overwhelming task. At the end of the day, what you want is a close shave without irritation or painful ingrown hairs.

This dermatologist-tested formula comes with everything you need to experience a barbershop-quality shave. The starter kit includes the essentials you need to have in your medicine cabinet, including pre-shave oil, a shave brush, shaving cream, a razor, and blades. The razor is a sleek, minimalist design that would look great on your bathroom counter, and its single blade delivers results competitive with top multi-blade options.

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Moisturizing Face Gel

Bevel Moisturizing Face Gel
Bevel Moisturizing Face Gel $16.00

This bestselling hydration product is lightweight, emollient, and great for use after cleansing. Containing vitamin C and tea tree oil, both of which nourish and balance skin, Bevel's face gel will leave you with a supple texture and noticeable glow.

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Hair and Beard Trimmer

Bevel Rechargeable Hair and Beard Trimmer
Bevel Rechargeable Hair and Beard Trimmer $200.00

One of Bevel's most popular products, this cordless trimmer holds up to eight hours of charge and can help with maintaining beard shape between barber visits. AMC coding that repels dirt and oil keeps the blade clean and hygienic. Weighing in at 1.2 pounds, the trimmer feels sturdy and durable, but still light enough to travel with.

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2-in-1 Pomade

Bevel 2-in-1 Pomade for Waves and Beards
Bevel 2-in-1 Pomade for Waves and Beards $12.00

According to Bevel, this top-selling pomade is formulated specifically for coarser textures, pulling double duty to groom and define hair on the face and head. The product easily melts in your hand and gives beards a sleek, shiny finish for a polished look. Lightweight with no worry of transferring to your clothing, this pomade promises to be a good fit for dry and sensitive skin types.

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Beard Conditioner

Bevel Beard Conditioner
Bevel Beard Conditioner $10.00

Far too few beauty brands address the need for beard conditioning, and Bevel's offering is a great product that fills the void in this space. Formulated with shea butter, it's sulfate-free and won't clog pores. This conditioner detangles tough hair while nourishing the skin underneath, making it great for softening your beard after a trim or shave.

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Spot Corrector

Bevel Spot Corrector
Bevel Spot Corrector $15.00

This spot corrector features a mix of vitamin C, lemon peel oil, and 9% lactic acid, making it an effective but gentle treatment. In fact, once I'd read all the ingredients, I decided to use the product all over my face. Dermatologist-tested, the formula helps to even skin tone and hyperpigmentation, and Bevel recommends applying it before bed for the best results.

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Face Serum

Bevel Face Serum
Bevel Face Serum $15.00

Not all face serums are created equal. Bevel’s formula is light, quick-absorbing, leaves no residue, and yields noticeable results right away. In addition to helping your skin to look and feel more hydrated, this serum will help with evening tone and reducing dark spots, making it a great multitasker for those who want a basic skincare routine. Apply this after washing and toning your face, then follow with either sunscreen or night cream. If your skin is on the oilier side, you also could use this in lieu of a moisturizer at night.

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Post-Shave Balm

Bevel Post-Shave Balm
Bevel Post-Shave Balm $13.00

Don't call it an aftershave: This balm stands out for its refreshing feel, whether you’re soothing your skin post-shave or applying it in between for maintenance. You'll find several benefits to this treatment, including preventing ingrown hairs and restoring moisture without clogging your pores. The alcohol-free formula contains tea tree oil, a known antiseptic, as well as witch hazel to balance your PH.

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Body Lotion

Bevel Body Lotion
Bevel Body Lotion $10.00

Body lotion is a skincare step that can be far too easy to skip. Many products tend to be heavily scented, which may clash with a body wash or fragrance. Allow Bevel to save the day with a subtle, light scent that's not overpowering and ingredients including enriching argan oil, shea, and vitamin E. The lotion's consistency allows for quick absorption and doesn't leave a greasy residue, making it great for applying after a shower.

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Face Wash

Bevel Face Wash
Bevel Face Wash $12.00

This face wash gently exfoliates with glycolic acid for a fresher appearance, helping to improve tone and hyperpigmentation. I love that you can use it morning and evening without irritating your skin, and I also appreciate its neutral scent.  Key ingredients include witch hazel, coconut water, tea tree oil, and niacinamide, which work together to improve texture and control oiliness. Like always (but especially with any product containing acids), just remember to use SPF when you head out.

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Body Wash

Bevel Body Wash
Bevel Body Wash $10.00

If you're a fan of warm scents like I am, you'll love Bevel's Supreme Oak Body Wash, which contains notes of bourbon and birch. The exfoliating formula includes hydrated silica, jojoba esters, charcoal, and argan oil to leave skin soft and smooth. I love that this body wash is suitable for use any time, and it works well in tandem with body lotion, whether that's Bevel's or another of your choice.

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