Priceline Sells 3000 Haircare Products—These Are Its Top 5 Sellers

Best-Selling Hair Products at Priceline

Priceline stocks a lot of hair products—close to 3000 if you want to get technical. But when we asked what its top five best-selling items were, we were surprised to find out they aren't trendy, of-the-minute products, but rather a bunch of well-rounded hair veterans that are always going to find their way into our cart.

Shampoo, texturizing dust, wet-look gel, it's all crowding the shelves at Priceline, and there's no shortage of new products cropping up on a weekly basis, either. No one has enough hair (or hours in the day) to try everything, so if you ever find yourself staring down rows upon rows of product, save yourself the impulse buying, and stick to these trusty picks.

Keep scrolling to find out what they are and to shop them for yourself.


Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo $22

This purple toning shampoo is an internet sensation, and we're not surprised it's come out on top. According to data gathered by Priceline, one bottle is sold in stores every three minutes. These numbers alone are an indication of how good it is, but there's a stack of five-star reviews if you need extra convincing. Our parting words will be that it's very purple, so keep those fancy white towels away.

Schwarzkopf Super Styling Lacquer $9 $6

This classic hair lacquer smells of pre-teen dance concerts, but we're all for it. For less than $10, this giant can of hairspray will tame frizz and hold styles for hours. 

Tresemmé Styling Mini Hairspray Extra Hold $4 $3

Another hairspray classic, but are you really surprised? Unlike the above, this fits in your handbag for any fluffy hair emergencies.

Hairspray also eliminates static, prevents stocking runs from worsening, and a little sprayed onto a cloth can act as a makeshift lint-remover. 

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Conditioner $22

This conditioner is the partner to number one product, and while it doesn't have the same toning power as the shampoo, it's a nice addition for blondes. Used together, brassiness won't stand a chance—just be careful not to over-tone.

Tresemmé Heat Tamer Protective Spray $8 $6

We've preached the benefits of heat protectants before, and we'll do it again. This is so important if you're addicted to hot tools. This one from Tresemmé flies off shelves, and you can pay for it in loose change.

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