The 20 Yoga Studios Fit Folks Frequent in NYC

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of New York City and never chill out. Living in this fast-paced place, you’ll find yourself in go-go-go mode at all times. But sometimes you need to take a break from your busy life and just woosah. That’s where yoga comes in—the perfect time to breathe, stretch, shake, and let it out. Practicing yoga is a great way to center yourself, relax, and burn a crazy amount of calories all at once. You don’t have to be an advanced yogi to reach the ultimate level of zen. You’ll find that stretching out your tense muscles, practicing deep-breathing exercises, and connecting with your mind, body, and spirit will relieve you of so much stress. From turned-up hot yoga sessions to the most tranquil spaces, New York is home to some of the coolest yoga studios.

If you’re looking to tune out the noise and tone up your bod, read on for the 20 best yoga studios the city has to offer.

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Y7 Studio

Multiple Locations

Can you even imagine a yoga class featuring a candlelit room with infrared heating blasting hip-hop? Y7 Studio is notorious for providing its yogis with a vibe like no other while getting their sweat on. With 12 studios across NYC, all of their classes are focused on Vinyasa-style yoga, which links breath and movement to help flow into each move seamlessly. Their mission is to make yoga inclusive and accessible, and the same goes for their workplace. Here, a good time is definitely guaranteed.

You can pay $25 for each class, $210 for 10 classes, or go with the monthly option that will give you unlimited classes, access to all the studios, a yoga mat, plus non-slip towel rentals for $179 per month.

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Sky Ting Yoga

Multiple Locations

As soon as you enter the light and airy headquarters of Sky Ting Yoga, you’ll feel relaxed. This space welcomes all levels ready and willing to practice a combination of Hatha, Vinyasa, Taoist, and Katonah yoga styles along with special breathing and meditation techniques. Katonah yoga was developed by Nevine Michaan of over 45 years and it defines and refines personal space and maps of time.

Unfortunately at this time, all three locations are closed for Sky Ting Yoga. They do offer live classes with their Sky Ting TV membership that costs $20 per month or $200 for the whole year.

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Earth Yoga NYC

Lenox Hill, 328 East 61st Street

If you're on a personal wellness journey, Earth Yoga NYC may be the place for you. They not only provide yoga services, but also have meditation sessions and health coaching. Choose between heated or non-heated yoga with styles like Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Restorative, and Gentle Flow Classes, taught by some of the most well-renowned instructors in New York City.

Go for a single class for $29 or unlimited for $195 a month. If you'd rather go the virtual route, they offer an unlimited monthly Zoom option for $99.

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Chelsea, 135 West 20th Street

You can expect an intimate experience of movement, stillness, song, and silence during a class at YogaMaya. Their goal is to sync your body, mind, breath, and heart. The instructors spread their love of Asana, Kirtan, and spiritual teaching through the practice of traditional Vinyasa yoga.

Buy a single class for $18, a five pack of classes for $80, or commit to one month of unlimited yoga for $190.

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LL Studio Yoga

Flatiron District, 166 5th Avenue and Upper East Side, 1477 3rd Avenue

Enter this vibrant yoga studio and get your move on. If you're looking for an intermediate yoga session, LL Studio offers classes that incorporate headstands, handstands, and pumped up versions of your basic yoga class. You can also take things down a notch with their beginner courses that prioritize alignment and go at a slower pace.

Purchase an unlimited membership for $120 per month. If you're on a budget, they also provide donation-based classes.

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Pure Yoga

Upper East Side, 203 E 86th Street and Upper West Side, 204 W 77th Street

Pure Yoga offers just that: pure yoga. Its studios equip yogis with over 100 classes each week in 27 different styles taught by the top instructors in New York City. There’s a reason these classes fill up so fast—you’ll gain a top-of-the-line experience.

If you're a newbie at Pure Yoga, they offer a complimentary trial class. If you're looking to purchase a membership, contact them for further information.

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The Studio

Noho, 302 Bowery

Sometimes referred to as the "yoga hospital," The Studio doesn't compliment themselves on their relaxation techniques but rather their prop usage to support well-being. Katonah yoga is the approach they utilize with the assistance of blocks, straps, poles, blankets, and chairs. Any kinks you're experiencing will be adjusted to return back to your ideal state.

A live single class costs $10, and once the studio re-opens the cost is $25 per class.

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Om Factory Yoga

Flatiron District, 873 Broadway at 18th Street

Om Factory isn’t your average yoga studio. Its idea of namaste can involve everything from traditional Vinyasa yoga to taking flight with aerial yoga, AcroYoga, and circus yoga. They are offering socially distanced rooftop classes until it's safe to open indoor group classes.

It's $20 for mat single class, $25 for aerial single class, or $190 per month for unlimited of both. If you want to try circus yoga, it will cost $38 for a single class or $280 per month for unlimited.

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Yoga Vida

Multiple Locations

If you’re new to the practice, Yoga Vida is for you. Its philosophy is to make yoga accessible and inclusive for everyone, so you’ll definitely feel welcomed in this space. After a class with Yoga Vida, you'll feel more connected to your body and have a calm, undisturbed mind.

Lock in a rate of $9 per class (for both live and on demand options) or $65 per month for an unlimited membership.

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Bode NYC

Multiple Locations

Bode NYC was born Bikram Yoga in August 1999—the first Bikram yoga studio in Manhattan. The studio has since changed its name, hence being called Bode NYC, but it features a variety of yoga classes, including Traditional Hot Yoga, Hot Bode Flow, Hot HIIT, and Yoga Nidra Meditation.

All access membership will allow you unlimited access to live stream classes and 25 percent off in-studio packages. Otherwise you can purchase a single session for $35 or a 10 pack of classes for $310.

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Sonic Yoga

Midtown, 944 8th Avenue

It's all about a bringing on a creative energy flow at Sonic Yoga studio. This space offers a friendly atmosphere with classes for beginners, Prana Vinyasa Flow, Sacred Fertility Prenatal Yoga, and more. There's even Sonic Kids Yoga, so you can bring the little ones along.

Participate in an online drop-in class for $15 or you can purchase an unlimited membership for $54 a month for two months.

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Williamsburg, 20 Broadway #108 and Greenpoint, 607 Manhattan Avenue

Step into a 95 degree room and get your asana on at YO BK. They offer a variety of classes whether you want traditional hot yoga, aerial yoga in hammocks, or baptiste power yoga. Beginners or veterans alike will enjoy what YO BK has to offer.

Test out a single class for $35 or join their VIP membership to get access to online and open mat classes for $249 per month.

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Yoga Agora

Astoria, 33-02 Broadway

Zen vibes fill the air (and mind) at Yoga Agora in Astoria, NY. The Queens-based studio opened in 2010 and is known for being a place where those seeking community and space to move, breathe, and meditate can go. They offer a plethora of classes, including drop-in classes so you can stop in whenever is most convenient for you.

Many of their classes are donation based while other online classes are $11.

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Modo Yoga NYC

West Village, 434 6th Avenue and Williamsburg, 109 Metropolitan Avenue

Be prepared to master 40 different poses at Modo Yoga NYC, which will help to open, strengthen, and relax your entire body. Their classes are built on the Modo series which is a variety of dynamic postures and breathing exercises designed to be done in a hot room. All bodies and abilities welcome here.

Livestream classes are available at $10 per class or $60 for the month.

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New York Yoga

Yorkville, 1629 York Avenue and Upper East Side, 132 E. 85th Street

New York Yoga offers Vinyasa Yoga, which is breath-synchronized movement, and Hot Yoga. The studio also offers an Intro to Yoga workshop for yoga "virgins." They also include a spiritual element to their classes, but do not identify to a particular religion.

Pay $31 each time you drop in, or commit to a one-year membership by paying $170 a month with the ability to go to both of their studios.

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Three Jewels Yoga

East Village, 5 East 3rd Street

Back in 1996, Three Jewels was just a bookstore started by the main students of the First American Geshe in the Gelugpa lineage Buddhist tradition. People gathered to sip on tea and listen to Buddhist dharma, and now they can participate in the yoga program based in authentic Tibetan Buddhism. They also have meditation classes available.

Three Jewels is a nonprofit organization with many staff being volunteers. Donations are encouraged, but classes are free.

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Mang'Oh Yoga

Murray Hill, 322 E. 39th Street

Dealing with hormonal imbalance? Mang'Oh Yoga is here to help you balance it out. This studio offers workshops surrounding yoga practices for hormonal balancing, in addition to a number of classes for beginners to experts. You will participate in asana classes that utilize Hatha Vinyasa-style yoga.

A single class will set you back $28 or you can choose an unlimited membership for $140 per month. This price works for both their livestream classes and in person.

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Yoga Tribe Brooklyn

Brooklyn, 1120 Washington Avenue

Head to Brooklyn to participate in a range of different yoga classes, from classic Bikram series to Yin Yoga. Yoga Tribe Brooklyn has a goal of creating a diverse community that feels supported physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you're feeling like you need a little more than yoga, they also offer other wellness services like acupuncture and biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

While their doors are temporarily closed, you can purchase online classes for $12 each class or $135 for unlimited yoga each month.

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Stanton Street Yoga

Lower East Side, 196 A Stanton Street

Welcome to Stanton Street Yoga where you join a community on a mission to share a deeper meaning of yoga. Having strength and flexibility is amazing, but total satisfaction and happiness cannot be achieved without a strong mind. Attending classes also helps to support community outreach across the world with a portion of your payment going to programs in need.

If Stanton Street Yoga sounds like the place for you, opt for a single class for $20 or join a one-month unlimited membership for $160.

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Yoga Room NYC

Astoria, 38-01 35th Avenue and Long Island City, 10-14 47th Road

Established in 2003 in Queens, Yoga Room NYC offers over 200 classes each week. Take your pick between hot yoga, pre/post natal, aerial, Vinyasa flow, and more. They are constantly looking for new ways to provide the gift of yoga to the community so students get a fresh perspective on their practice.

If you're feeling ready to commit, select classes cost only $10 to drop in or have access to all classes for $149 per month.

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