5 Yoga Poses to Cure Your Hangover

When last night involved one too many cocktails, your first inclination might be to hibernate all day with Netflix—or maybe, emerge in the name of brunch (extra fries, please). But aside from good old fashioned hydration, the best way to kick that headache (and bloating, and nausea) is to get your blood pumping. We won’t ask you to hit a Spin class, but can we interest you in some low-key yoga poses instead?

“The key to bringing life back into a queasy body after a night of happy juice is to take it slow,” says Stephanie Birch, California-based yoga teacher (and one of our favorite yogis on Instagram). “Certain postures will help you feel grounded, ease tension between the ears, and stimulate the abdomen to move last night's festivities from the body.” She demonstrates those very moves below—and the best part? You don’t even have to get out of bed for most of them. Keep scrolling to see how they're done!