The Best (and Worst) Beauty Advice We've Ever Gotten

Beauty advice is like getting a massage or eating sushi: When it’s good, it’s life-changing, but when it’s bad, your body suffers the consequences. We’ve been on the receiving end of plenty of beauty wisdom ourselves, warranted or not—in fact, it’s one of team Byrdie’s favorite methods of learning about new techniques and products. (Case in point: Thanks to our associate editor Victoria, everyone on our team now owns a dermaroller.) But you know that saying, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”? Well, it’s true—and it also applies IRL. Whether it’s unsolicited hair “advice” from friends (boy, bye) or a derm’s misguided freckle insight, we’ve suffered our fair share of terrible beauty tips—and we’re sharing them with you ahead. Keep scrolling to see the best and worst beauty advice we’ve ever gotten!