The 4 Most Effective Workouts for Sugar Addicts

Have you ever found yourself 3/4 deep into a box of Samoas, Thin Mints, or those insanely delicious Peanut Butter Patties—in one sitting? You're not alone. When the sugar cravings come knocking and you have Girl Scout Cookies in the pantry, it's nearly impossible to not eat the whole box. After falling prey to one too many cookies this past month, we reached out to Chelsea Aguiar, trainer at The Fhitting Room, and Ethan Marine, trainer at Barry's Bootcamp Miami Beach, for the best exercises to work off Girl Scout Cookies, or any sweets for that matter.

According to Aguiar, "Your sugar intake directly affects your waistline." She adds that "our bodies are incredibly sensitive to sugars, and when we don't burn them up throughout our day, they get converted into fat and stored as backup fuel." And while avoiding refined sugar altogether is the best-case scenario, Marine has a great tip for those of us who just can't seem to give up sweets. Instead of banishing cookies from your diet, Marine recommends eating them after a workout, as he says, "It's nearly impossible to store excess weight directly after a workout. Your body is much more likely to use that sugar to help restore glycogen stores in the muscle and disperse it through the body where it is needed for recovery, rather than store it as fat."

Although studies show that sugary foods in moderation can be beneficial after working out, this doesn't mean you should eat an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies after a particularly grueling sweat sesh. Instead, try opting for these healthy after-workout treats. And if you want to work off some sweets (or are looking for a good excuse to treat yourself), keep on reading for the best workouts to combat weight gain associated with sugar.