A Fascinating Guide to the Best Workout for Your Body Type



How would you describe your body type? Pear? Round? Athletic? Lean? We’ve been given plenty of guidelines and stencils to categorize a body’s shape, whether it’s a fruit or a type of lifestyle, but we’d prefer to forgo the produce and just call our body type what it is: our body. Period.

For the sake of science and fitness, however, body types are often categorized to help people figure out what diet or fitness regimens will best suit them. For example, if you have a slower metabolism or are prone to a greater percentage of body fat, you need to eat certain foods and physically train differently than someone who gains lean muscle mass and has a higher metabolic rate.

With that in mind, Rodale Wellness recently opened our eyes to three other body types, this time based on each one’s level of body fat: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph (more on that below). This isn’t to say that there are only three body types, but each serves as a general guideline for how best to tone your body based on your body-fat percentage.

L.A.-based Pilates instructor and dance fitness trainer Cindy Leos gave us a breakdown of each body type and the exercises that will best whip them into shape. Keep scrolling to learn more.

What exercises work best for your body type? Please share with us below!

This story was originally published on August 31, 2016.