The Workout Leggings That These Super-Active Women Never Go Without

There's one area of my gym kit that I always struggle to get right—workout leggings. What at first can seem like the most suitably tight, supportive yet comfortable pair can often (with a little wear and a couple of washes) end up baggy at the knees, puckered around the thighs and will they stay up for the entirety of a sweaty spinning session—no, of course not. I was almost certain that the perfect pair of running leggings didn't exist. But first, I did some homework.

I went to a selection of the fittest women I know, from marathon runners to yoga teachers, to find out what workout leggings work for them—they spend their lives in them, after all. And what I found is that although it took each of them a while to find their perfect match, they all concluded that there are plenty of incredible pairs out there.

Want to know the ones they swear by? Keep scrolling for their recommendations.

Jada Sezer, Model

best workout leggings: Jada Sezer in Nike workout leggings
Courtesy of Jada Sezer

"I've spoken about these Nike Epic Lux leggings ($95) a number of times. These are what I trained in for the London Marathon. They're incredibly supportive running leggings that are high waisted and have a pull string. You can run for miles and they don't budge, which is what you need to feel confident on a run."

best running leggings: Nike Epic Lux Running Rights
Nike Epic Lux Running Rights $95

Amy Lawrenson, Freelance Editor

best workout leggings: Amy Lawrenson doing yoga
Amy Lawrenson

"I have two favorites. The Lululemon Align Pants ($98) are the comfiest for yoga and for traveling whereas I love the Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Run Leggings ($113) for running—they have a tie waist, and once they're on, they literally don't move an inch, no matter what exercise you're doing."

Align Pant 25
Lululemon Align Pant 25" $98
best workout leggings: Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Run Leggings
Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Run Leggings $113

Talilla Henchoz, Head of Brand at 1Rebel

best workout leggings: Talilla Henchoz wearing Lilybod workout leggings
Talilla Henchoz

"Lilybod leggings ($72) just work for me. They are insanely flattering with their high-waisted fit, and their stylized details add to that sports-luxe feel. They properly support you whilst also being super breathable for those hardcore HIIT sessions. I wear mine in the gym but also as an everyday look—versatile fitness at its best."

best workout leggings: Lilybod Willow Leggings in Carbon Lite
Lilybod Willow Leggings in Carbon Lite $72

Kirsty Raynor, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Pop Up Practice

best workout leggings: Kirsty Raynor wearing Under Armour workout leggings
Kirsty Raynor

"I am a sucker for black leggings, as they just go with everything, from a cropped top in the gym to a denim jacket at brunch. Often I am teaching a few times a day, and these are perfect leggings to wear on and off the mat. The shine on them is so flattering and the waistband genuinely stays up: I also ran my first (and maybe last) half-marathon in them, so trust me: They really do."

best workout leggings: Under Armour Women's UA Vanish Leggings
Under Armour UA Vanish Leggings $70 $57

Alyss Bowen, Associate Social Media Editor at Byrdie UK

best workout leggings: Alyss Bowen in Nike workout leggings
Alyss Bowen

"I only wear seamless workout leggings because they're the only thing that stays up during an intense workout class or a long run. These Nike Seamless High-Waisted Studio Tights ($75) have been in my wardrobe forever, and I know I'll just keep on buying them as they last a lifetime and make me feel fully supported. Plus they're all black, so they look great too!"

best workout leggings: Nike Seamless High Waisted Studio Tights
Nike Seamless High Waisted Studio Tights $75

I'm pretty sure none of these leggings would ever let you down.

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