The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

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We're all drawn to certain fitness regimens or activities over others. But have you ever stopped to consider why you opt for Bootcamp over yoga? Or why you'd much rather go for a hike than run three miles? So much of fitness is about personality, especially if you're looking to establish a consistent routine. And while looking to the zodiac for guidance might not be the most scientific method, it actually teaches a valuable lesson: It's not just about liking your workout, but also, ideally, finding something that helps you find mental balance in addition to the physical.

"In astrology, we can use the Sun Signs to help identify ways to use our energy that best suits our workout needs," explains astrologer Brad Williams. "For example, if you are a fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) then we would likely look for something actionable to help release some of that fire. A water sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces may need a workout that helps ground and center them. For Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) the ideal workout would be something that can help us materially in our day-to-day life. If you are an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius), perhaps a more mentally challenging or connecting workout might do the trick."

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  • Noelle Vincent is an astrologer based in Los Angeles, CA. She is also a personal trainer with her Kinesiology Degree. She provides insight to her clients with astrology and tarot readings.

Scroll down to see your ideal fitness match according to your astrological sign.

aries zodiac sign design

Aries: Golf, Martial Arts, Spinning

For Aries, it is all about challenging yourself with an exercise where you can put your skills to the test. "Your best workout is to play a competitive sport," says astrologer Noelle Vincent. "Not only because you are ruled by Mars, the God of War, but because you must win and you'll figure out a way to do so."

Vincent suggests single person sports, such as golf, swimming, archery or martial arts. "These single person sports will make you the sole decider," she says.

Spinning is also a great exercise for Aries. For a born competitor, there's no thrill like seeing your name lit up the Flywheel leaderboard, and the high-octane environment of any spin class keeps you satisfied. But it also gives you something else: community. You thrive on positive energy and sweating to the max with a room full of people keeps that Aries ego in check.

taurus zodiac sign design

Taurus: Running, Hiking, Lifting Weights

All right, Taurus—maybe working out isn't your favorite thing in the world. Thanks to ruling planet Venus, you're someone who craves comfort and new, sensory experiences—like the finest chocolate or wine, consumed in your softest sweats. But our best tip for you is to tap into exactly this: If engaging the senses is what you crave, head outdoors for a run or even a power walk. "Taurus is most comfortable with their feet on the ground," says Williams. "When on the trails, there is a discharge of the frenetic of life. Not all Taureans realize they need time in nature until they find themselves there."

Keep yourself interested and engaged by trying a new route every day, and once you've established the habit, that's when your signature persistence will kick in. You'll be signing up for 10ks and half marathons in no time!

Vincent also suggests bodybuilding. "Lift those weights Taurus!!  You are a natural builder, so build up those muscles," she says.

gemini zodiac sign design

Gemini: Tennis, Sprinting, Raquetball

Two words: Buddy up. It's a surefire (and scientifically proven) way for anyone to get motivated, but particularly for your sociable sign. Tennis doesn't just require you to work with (or against) a partner—its rapid-fire pace is right on par with your quick intellect.

"Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is the messenger of the Gods," says Williams. "In true Mercury fashion, the speed of the workout is crucial as the time spent on the workout can only be long enough to keep the Gemini’s attention."

The fast-paced action of tennis or sprinting will keep this sign engaged. "The mental agility of the Gemini is at work here as it needs to quickly return to its never-ending myriad of thoughts," he says.

cancer zodiac sign design

Cancer: Pilates, Core Exercises, Yoga

You have a tendency to let your emotions get the best of you, Cancer, which is why you need some kind of meditative practice to keep you grounded. Yoga allows you to really feel every movement—exactly what your sensitive nature craves—while simultaneously training your brain to let things go.

In addition, Williams says that this sign benefits from doing exercises that work the core, such as yoga and Pilates. "Cancer is the sign of the nurturer, and with its very lunatic nature, everything is felt in the stomach area," he explains. "Keeping the core strong filters through the rest of the body, which the Cancer needs when they are running around trying to fill the needs of others. This gives them the stability to keep nurturing the masses. "

Vincent also says that many Cancers may enjoy exercising at home, possibly with other family members or friends, over a busy gym or studio. "You are most secure at home and this will be another way to gain the family connection you crave," she says.

leo zodiac sign design

Leo: Dance Cardio, Ballet Barre, Zumba

Leos love a stage and a spotlight, which is why a dance class, Zumba class or Ballet Barre is right up your alley. Choose any kind of movement class with a pumping playlist and energy in spades, and you're golden.

"Leo’s creative form of self-expression needs to be shown in a way that not only maximizes their need to be seen, but also gets the most out of their fire orientation," says Williams. "Dancing gives them the best of both worlds – and Leo doesn’t care if anyone is watching!"

virgo zodiac sign design

Virgo: Pilates, Tennis, Yoga

"Being a bit of a loner when it comes to its search for perfection, Virgo needs a sport that not only uses physical exertion but also mental acuity in its actions," says Williams. Virgos will enjoy a Pilates class with some kind of meditation or yogic stretching woven in—you need those few moments to quiet your analytic mind and just be. You're strengthening your core, physically and mentally.

Another great fit for Virgos is tennis, as it challenges both your body and your mind. "Tennis provides the need for stamina and strategy in a one-on-one battle of wits against the opponent. The use of a racquet and ball also gives a more purposeful material feeling for this Earth sign."

libra zodiac sign design

Libra: Soccer, Flag Football, Team Sports

Libras often excel at team sports like soccer, flag football, or volleyball. "Libras excel at cooperating," says Williams. "A team sport fulfills the need for Libras to connect and relate to others in a bonded fashion."

That being said, fitness equilibrium is important to you, so make sure you're getting the full-body workout you need. Pure Barre's Empower class was specifically created to amp up the cardio so you don't have to seek it outside the studio. Balance is key to mastering those tiny, tricky barre movements—and fortunately, your sign knows a thing or two about balance!

scorpio zodiac sign design

Scorpio: Boxing, CrossFit

From one Scorpio to another, let's face it—we can be a little intense. This is why we thrive on workouts that push us to the absolute max, and boxing does exactly that—and it's great for fighting off any mental demons, too.

Williams says that CrossFit is another great choice for Scorpios. "They need a workout that can match that internal intensity and allow them to feel the pain in order to release some of the pent of energy that can otherwise turn toxic," he says. "Scorpio can trust that an intense CrossFit session will get the most out of themselves. A Scorpio will relate deeply to the intensity of the workout."

sagittarius zodiac sign design

Sagittarius: Hiking, Surfing, Adventure Sports

You live for adventure, Sag, which is why your best workouts usually happen in the great outdoors, and they rarely feel like workouts—they're just new experiences to check off your bucket list. You're the kind of person whose dream vacation doesn't look too different from Cheryl Strayed's trek in Wild, so go ahead—forge ahead off the beaten path.

In addition to hiking, Williams says that surfing is a great match for the Sag. "This might seem like an odd choice for a fire sign, but Sagittarius is the sign of adventure and traveling long distances," he says. "There is something very mystical about surfing and this, along with the adrenaline it produces, gives the Sagittarius the perfect combination to align itself to mind and spirit." 

capricorn zodiac sign design

Capricorn: Long Distance Running, Rock Climbing

You like engaging in activities that are physically challenging and emotionally uplifting—a combination that helps you silence your inner critic. Your competitive streak and determination will drive you to the very top. Activities like long distance running and rock climbing will satisfies this sign's need for fulfillment.

"Capricorn is the tortoise of the Zodiac and has the staying power to endure over a long period of time," says Williams. "It benefits the Capricorn to feel as though it has accomplished something that isn’t easy. The Capricorn must also know when to stop, as they have a tendency to overdo it and fight through an injury."

aquarius zodiac sign design

Aquarius: Bicycling, Trampoline, Parkour

"Out of all the signs, Aquarius needs the most freedom and being on a bicycle can achieve two goals. One is the obvious need for exercise, but the other is the ability to pivot and change directions on a whim," explains Williams. "Bicycling allows the Aquarius freedom to change their mind on where they want to go and how far they want to go. They can also go solo or with a group, allowing the Aquarius to keep their options open."

As with all else in life, you're also drawn to the offbeat and unusual. Your free-spirited nature would probably find bouncing and tumbling around for an hour wildly fun, but you could also be down for aerial yoga, parkour, trapeze, or snowshoeing—see where that endless Aquarius imagination takes you.

pisces zodiac sign design

Pisces: Stand-up Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Yoga

Take you to the river and drop you in the water, Pisces. You're pretty game for anything aquatic, but bonus points if it's something on the more interesting end of the spectrum: You'd opt for a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) or kayaking over swimming laps any day. Plus, the serene environment of paddleboarding is great for reflecting and meditating—important aspects of your being.

"Pisces is all the signs wrapped up into one and its need to see Utopia here on Earth can sometimes leave the Pisces in an ungrounded sense of reality," says Williams. In addition to aquatic sports, yoga can also provide a sense of balance for the Pisces. "Yoga can help center the Pisces and ground their mystical energy so they can feel at peace with this imperfect world."

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