The #1 Workout Move to Lengthen Thighs

Committing to a workout routine can feel ah-mazing. But feeling like you're not progressing or, worse, moving further away from your personal goals by bulking up, well, that's just a slap in the face. 

If your skinny jeans have gotten progressively more snug despite your religious fitness program, we've got major news: Thicker thighs do NOT have to go hand in hand with getting stronger. According to Jenn Lacy, co-owner of The Bar Method's Silverlake studio in Los Angeles, there is one move specifically designed to lengthen and slim the legs—enter diamond thigh.  

Lacy shared why one ballet move can change the body so significantly: "In diamond thigh, your legs are turned out, and there is a slight grip of your glutes. This position creates a stretch in your inner thighs and a sculpt in your outer glutes, all while working your quads in a lengthening and leaning way." Lacy's studio has trained and employed Super Bowl halftime performers, so we're inclined to take her word on this one. 

It should be noted that this move is meant to create strength and length, not the notorious (and kinda unhealthy) "thigh gap" that's been taking over your Instagram accounts.

Keep scrolling to see how to practice diamond thigh anywhere, and remember to keep breathing!

1. Place one hand on your hip, and the other near waist height on a bar or chair for balance.

2. Place your feet in a wide “V” shape, with your heels together and toes apart.

3. Raise your heels so you are standing on the balls of your feet and bring your heels to meet each other and grip your glutes.

4. Bend your knees, while tracking your knees over your toes in a natural turn out. Come down to your lowest challenge point and pulse down in counts of 10.

5. Shaking is where the magic happens, so make the highest point in your pulse a place where the legs still tremble with little release. 

6. Continue in this position for six sets of 10 pulse reps, moving slightly lower with each set and maintaining your shake. 

Want to give Bar Method a try? Sign up for classes through the MindBody app, or just give the above move a whirl in the comfort of your home. But, don't forget to bring your Caudalie Organic Grape Water ($18). You're SO gonna need it!

Tried diamond thigh? Let us know what you think below!