THIS Is the Best Workout Move for Toned Arms

The most amazing arm news this side of Tracy Anderson’s studio just went viral. Turns out there’s precisely ONE move to know when it comes to getting super-toned arms. Why are we just finding out now? Who knows, but according to an article on, the American Council on Exercise has officially deemed triangle push-ups THE most thorough move to achieve longer, leaner, and stronger arms. Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, the chief science officer at ACE, explained, “The triangle push-up really targets all of the major elements of the triceps muscle: the long and lateral heads of the muscle. It elicited the most muscle activity.”

On your journey to push-up madness this week, don’t forget your form. Create a triangle shape with your hand, allowing your interior fingertips to touch. Place your hands on the floor in line with your shoulders. Try tackling the push-up in a plank position (not your knees) while you grip your booty to get the full-body benefits. Hey, no pain, no gain!

Head on over to for the full scoop and tutorial. And remember to listen to your body. For weak wrists, adjust the workout to include push-up bars like CAP's barbells on Amazon ($12).

This news, in combination with our new ab routine, has our workout game in check. What do you think? Will you try it? Let us know in the comments if you see results. We are in this together.