The Best Workout Apps to Help You Sweat From Home

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For a lot of people, interrupting your day to get into the gym or studio is the worst park of a workout. Even though you know how important it is to move your body, it can be hard to cram the extra commute into your day (to the gym that is), especially if you already drive or take mass transit to get to work. Luckily, working out from home is a possibility thanks to screens. Workout apps are more versatile than ever, which means you can get anything from a 10-minute flow session to an hour-long boxing class from the convenience of your phone. Some apps even feature live classes you can tune into, plus hundreds of on-demand classes that are ready to be streamed when you are. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite workout apps to date.

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If you don't like the idea of repeating the same workout twice, Obé is the program for you. The platform features both pre-recorded and live workouts in twelve different categories: Strength, HIIT, sculpt, yoga, barre, and dance to name a few. In each category you'll find dozens of on-demand workouts with varying time lengths (some "express" workouts are as short as 10 minutes), so it's easy to fit a fun, upbeat workout into your schedule. Stream from your phone or or laptop (and cast onto your TV for the best experience)the smiling, high-energy instructors and colorful studio backgrounds make these workouts a blast.

Price: $27/Month

Download Obé Here

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With class categories spanning dance, cardio, strength, HIIT, barre, yoga, pilates, prenatal, postnatal, and plenty more, the FitOn app is almost like joining a gym—except you can take all your favorite classes from home. If you're someone who needs a bit of extra motivation, you may feel drawn to FitOn for classes led by Gabrielle Union, Jonathan Van Ness, and a slew of celebrity trainers. You can even schedule and take classes with friends, adding a fun social component to working out at home.

Price: Free

Download FitOn Here

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Alo Moves

Complete with thousands of classes led by top-tier yoga teachers, the Alo Moves app is a dream for yoga lovers who are looking to get a studio-like yoga experience without leaving home. With classes of various levels and duration, this app has options for everyone from the beginner to the experienced yogi. For those craving something with a bit more structure than a class, the app also offers curated plans that guide you toward specific goals. Don't worry if streaming isn't always an option for you—this app also offers the ability to download classes offline.

Price: Starting at $17/Month

Download Alo Moves Here

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Strava is wildly popular among runners and cyclists who use the app to track their workout stats (like time, route, and distance) in a social-friendly format that encourages sharing, motivation, and competition. You can even attach photos and captions to your feed so your friends can see where your workouts take you. This app has been a go-to for years among data-loving runners and cyclists who want to track the details of every aspect of their workout. It even features a leaderboard with course records and completion times for popular routes. If this sounds a little too intimidating and intense, don't be put off—Strava is a good time (no pun intended), even for the beginners among us.

Price: Free

Download Strava Here

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P.volve is all about functional movement—think targeted and precise motions using resistance bands, light weights, gliders, and other simple equipment. All of P.volve's full-body workouts are specifically designed to be low-impact, so you can strengthen without taxing your joints. You can choose from more than 200 workouts and workout programs, and new material is added to the app each week.

Price: $20/Month

Download P.volve Here

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With a huge library of classes spanning nearly every type of workout you could be looking for, Neou is ideal for people who light up with excitement over endless options and don't want to stick with the same type of workout every day. It's a good fit for those of you who are looking for consistency, too, with the option to bookmark your favorite workouts so you can come back to them when the mood strikes—or when the soreness wears off.

Price: Starts at $15/Month

Download Neou Here

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Nike Training Club

All classes and programs on the Nike Training Club app are designed and led by highly trained fitness experts known as Nike Master Trainers. From quick-hit 15-minute classes to deeper one-hour sessions, this app brings you more than 200 workouts across various styles and types, including strength, mobility, yoga, and cardio. If you want to take your experience beyond fitness, you can also use the app to access nutrition and wellness information related to sleep, recovery, and mindfulness.

Price: Free for the basic version, with options to upgrade to premium starting at $15/Month

Download Nike Training Club Here

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For personal training (without actually going to the gym to see your trainer) you'll want to download FitPlan. You'll have the option to work your way through various training plans with names like "flow to fit," "mind body challenge," and "total shred." All are led by top-tier trainers via streaming videos. On top of all the fitness content, nutrition tips are an added FitPlan bonus.

Price: $20/Month

Download FitPlan Here

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Aaptiv is not your standard fitness app. Rather than being video-centric like many of the workout apps out there, this one is audio-based, bringing you thousands of workouts all through your earbuds (or whatever your preferred listening mode of choice). Choose an individual workout among options like running, yoga, elliptical, and strength training, or or settle in for the long haul with one of the app's multi-week plans. Thirty new classes are added each week, making it virtually impossible to get bored or restless with this app.

Price: $15/Month

Download Aaptiv Here

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Did you know you can get in on the world of Peloton even without purchasing one of their bikes? With the Peloton app you can access thousands of live and on-demand classes that span cycling, running, strength, yoga, meditation, outdoor workouts, and more. Some are short, some are longer, and the tools to track your progress are seriously helpful for staying motivated.

Price: $13/Month

Download Peloton Here

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My Fitness Pal

MyFitness Pal is less about providing you with workouts and more about helping you track your calories and log your workouts. You can also use the app's extensive food database to find nutrition and calorie information for millions of food items. One of the biggest perks is being able to tap into MyFitnessPal's fitness community for advice, workout tips, and that much needed boost of motivation you've been searching for.

Price: $10/Month

Download My Fitness Pal Here

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Everyone could probably use a healthy dose of TLC for body and mind, these days, and Glo delivers exactly that. This comprehensive app brings thousands of yoga, pilates, and meditation classes directly to your phone, allowing you to get centered no matter where you are. Knowledgeable teachers provide tons of encouragement and helpful instruction, and you'll find classes suitable for all levels.

Price: Starting at $18/Month

Download Glo Here

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Sworkit is designed to help you stay fit no matter what your experience level, time availability, or goals may be. You won't need any equipment—all that's required to work your way through these strength, cardio, yoga, and stretching classes is your body and a mindset that's ready to get things done.

Price: $10/month

Download Sworkit Here

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Nike Run Club

If you're a runner who is looking to add a bit of structure and excitement to your training regimen, the Nike Run Club app may be exactly what you need. You'll be able to follow along on guided runs, track and share stats like mile splits and elevation, listen to custom playlists, access personalized coaching, cheer along and compete with friends, receive encouragement from elite runners, and more. Both fun and practical, Nike Run Club is great whether you're hopping on the treadmill or taking your runs outdoors.

Price: Free

Download Nike Run Club Here

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