It's Official: This Workout Is Going to Be the Next SoulCycle


Under Armour

We're fairly certain you've attended a SoulCycle class or other form of group Spin at some point within the past few years (or at least contemplated it before ultimately deciding to go to brunch instead…)—especially if you live in NYC or L.A. The loud music, dimly lit room, and motivational pep talk voiced over your instructor's headset couple together for an endorphin-boosting experience punctuated by the internal desire to compete with the person to your left and right (hey—no harm, no foul). 

But as much as SoulCycle has become an epidemic (which anyone who's ever tried to reserve a bike and failed can attest to), there's a new trend top fitness gurus think will take its place in 2017. Below, find their prediction plus a few other bike-replacing workouts you need to check out in the New Year.

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