These Are the Best Whitening Toothpastes (I've Tried a Ton)



My body is made up of 85% coffee, so as a result, my teeth are often a pale shade of iced-coffee-with-soy. I brush probably four or five times a day (Invisalign problems), I floss, and I use mouthwash, but I certainly didn't always have a supermodel-white smile. Not to mention I have incredibly soft teeth with enamel that's so eroded on the bottom, they're practically clear (are you enjoying these visuals yet?).

All this to say, finding a whitening toothpaste that's gentle yet effective has been a mission of mine for quite some time. So because I've gone through so many tubes testing the formulas that claim to give you a pearly smile, I feel like I'm a bit of an aficionado. And luckily, I've found some that have given me noticeable results without hurting my teeth—some after just one use.

Below, I've outlined five of the best whitening toothpastes, as well as the clear winner of the lot.

Have you found a good whitening toothpaste? Please let us know in the comments!