The Best Whitening Mouthwashes for a Blindingly Bright Smile

Teeth whitening is a monster-size industry—every year, about $1 billion is spent on procedures just to make our teeth prettier. A study from 2012 investigating the connection between teeth color, spacing, and perceived attractiveness found that darker, yellower teeth (curse all those macchiatos!) were rated notably lower on the attractiveness scale, particularly when participants were judging women. For that reason, in-office and at-home teeth-whitening treatments are big business.

For those with sensitive teeth, mouthwashes with active whitening ingredients like hydrogen peroxide (but without alcohol, which can cause dry mouth and bad bacteria) might be an option worth exploring over trays, strips, or professional procedures. And for everyone else, they could simply be a good addition to your whitening routine. Here we've rounded up seven whitening mouthwashes—both mainstream and natural—from brands both popular and indie to help you find a product that might work for you.