No Wash, No Problem: 4 Ways to Make Second-Day Wedding Hair Work

Planning your wedding is a stressful thing. And while executing it on the actual date shouldn't be, you're still bound to run into your fair share of minor freak-outs on your big day. There are hair and makeup to get through, plus the ceremony and reception, and more often than not, you'll have to do something the next morning. Sometimes it's a brunch, other times it's a journey to the airport, etc.

So we're here to knock one thing off your list. When you wake up in the morning with your new life partner by your side, bobby pins sticking out of your head, and hair spray stuck to your pillow, refer to this guide for much-needed solace.

Below, we outline the best ways to wear your hair the morning after without restyling, rewashing, or re–stressing out about it, based on your 'do from the night before. And here's a little something for the imminent hangover, too.

Now that you have your hair plan down, here are seven things to know before doing your own makeup for your wedding.