The Sleep Aid That Knocked Me Out in Less Than 10 Minutes


The Chriselle Factor

Sleep—we crave it and we need it, but we never seem to get enough of it. A new Consumer Reports survey of 4023 adults found that 27% of Americans suffer from insomnia while 68%—the equivalent of 164 million people—struggle with sleep at least once a week. These are sobering statistics, which is why we’re dedicating the next few days to this ever-elusive, never-can-have-enough part of our lives. Welcome to Byrdie’s first-ever Sleep Week, wherein you can expect detailed accounts of our own editors’ sleep trials and tribulations, the latest products to help you nod off, and all the new relevant research. Suffice to say, we’re obsessed with getting more shut-eye (the quality kind, too), and hopefully our obsession will ensure you wake up more mornings feeling well rested and less like you want to hurl your alarm clock across the room. Read (and rest) up!

It seems like the older I get, the harder it is for me to get quality sleep (but the more I need it). While youthful restlessness was followed by bright-eyed mornings, now when I don't get my full night's sleep I wake up with an almost debilitating exhaustion that hardly fades as the day wears on.

Sleep became especially difficult for me after moving to L.A. four months ago, when a combination of factors came between me and my much-needed shut-eye. For one, the walls of my otherwise perfect little studio are not sound-proofed. I can hear every word spoken, sneeze sneezed, and loogie hocked by my upstairs and next door neighbors (and the former has a habit of lifting weights at odd hours and dropping them on the floor—my ceiling). Furthermore, as a weekend editor, I typically call it quits relatively early on Friday and Saturday nights—prime time for everyone else's merrymaking and high heels to stomp down my hallway. Alas, sleep has become ever more elusive, and over the past few months I've tried everything I feel comfortable with to fall asleep faster.

Keep scrolling to see all the ways I tried to fall asleep faster and which strategies finally helped me catch some z's.