This Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Belly Pooch, According to Science

Stubborn belly pooch is one of those physical irritants—along with headaches and blackheads—that just won't give us a break. We could do a million crunches and eat all the right foods, but alas—the pooch persists. What gives? According to a recent article in Women's Health, there's actually a scientifically proven way to beat belly fat the fastest, and it's a form of exercise you're probably already pretty familiar with.

In a new study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, participants did four workouts a week: One group did four steady-state cardio and strength workouts, while the other did two steady-state workouts and two high-intensity interval training workouts.

After assessing the physical results of both groups, the HIIT group lost more weight and more inches around their waistlines. There was also a significant reduction in visceral fat, the fat that hangs out in the abdomen (and is actually quite dangerous, since it's surrounding so many vital organs).

If that doesn't sound like reason enough to be an HIIT convert, the latter group also saw an increase in cardio-respiratory fitness. Now excuse us while we get our HIIT on.

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