10 Waterproof Liners That Won't Budge—Trust, We Did the Research

When it comes to eyeliner, we're admittedly picky. There is nothing worse than a smudged line, flaky formula, or sticky application. Plus, we're not always entirely dexterous. We need a product that will make it easy—with an easy-to-use applicator, a simple-to-hold pen, and, preferably, a waterproof offering so it won't budge no matter what we have going on that day. We want to dance without our precise lines melting off our faces, sweat without repercussions, and get caught in a rainstorm if we so choose. Our liner needs to do a lot of heavy-lifting is what we're saying. 

So to help, we did a lot of research on the subject. We tested, reviewed, read comments, and came up with the 10 best waterproof liners on the market right now. Below, find each one we love and why it works. Keep scrolling for your next favorite purchase.