The 8 Best Water Flossers of 2023

These picks will make you want to ditch traditional floss

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Water Flosser

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Much to the chagrin of dentists everywhere, flossing is somewhat of the ugly stepchild of the oral care world. Brushing your teeth twice a day? Doable. Flossing twice a day? For some reason, that feels like an obscene request. That’s where the beauty of a good water flosser comes in, making the once-dreaded task easier than ever yet still offering the same efficacy as the OG method.

As the name suggests, these handheld devices rely on a pressurized stream of water to help flush out food and any other debris from spaces in between your teeth. “One of the biggest advantages water flossers have over traditional floss is that they require less manual dexterity,” says Dr. Angelique Freking (i.e., no more trying to wrangle a tiny piece of floss in the back of your mouth). She adds that they’re also great for patients with dental work such as bridges and an especially good pick for anyone with braces, which are extremely hard to keep clean.

We conducted hours of research on the best water flossers, evaluating them on pressure settings, special features, certifications, if any, size, and charging time, among other attributes. After consulting with a dentist and a periodontist, and considering dozens of options, we landed on these top-rated choices.

Best Overall

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Waterpik Aquarius


What We Like
  • Trusted brand

  • Large tank

  • Comes in various colors

What We Don’t Like
  • Takes up a lot of counter space

According to Dr. Freking, Waterpik makes the gold standard of water flossers: “They’ve been around the longest, and dentists trust the brand,” she says. (Some of the brand’s products have even been studied head-to-head against regular floss and shown to be more effective.) She likes this model in particular because it has great power and a large reservoir tank, so you won’t have to refill it as frequently. It also touts an impressive range of 10 water pressure settings, seven tips, and a massaging mode for gum health. The varying pressure levels ensure there is adequate pressure to dislodge food particles from between your teeth. It's also easy to set up and use.

Price at time of publish: $60

Pressure Settings: 10 | Tips: 7 | Power: Electric | Special Features: Massaging mode for gums, built-in timer

Best Overall, Runner-Up

Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 5000

Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 5000


What We Like
  • Has the ADA Seal of Acceptance

  • Quiet operation

  • Can fill reservoir with mouthwash

What We Don’t Like
  • Takes up a lot of counter space

Another great overall option, this is the only Philips brand interdental cleaner to receive a Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association (and one of only five total devices that have that distinction). It features a unique, X-shape stream of water to help thoroughly clean both in between teeth and along the gums and is engineered to be super quiet, too—always a win in our book.

Price at time of publish: $100

Pressure Settings: 10 | Tips: 2 | Power: Electric | Special Features: Quad stream tip creates four streams of water

Best Cordless

Waterpik Rechargeable Cordless Plus Water Flosser

Waterpik Rechargeable Cordless Plus Water Flosser


What We Like
  • Cordless design

  • Charges quickly

  • Portable and lightweight

What We Don’t Like
  • Has less pressure than corded options

If you are looking for a good compact, cordless option, Dr. Freking recommends this one. While they do have less pressure and a smaller tank, the upside is that you can keep cordless models in the shower (just make sure to clean them regularly), and they’re easy to pack for travel, she says.

Per that point, this one is waterproof, charges quickly, and has a convenient indicator that shows the status of the battery, which is particularly long-lasting. It comes with four tips, all of which rotate 360 degrees.

Price at time of publish: $102

Pressure Settings: 10 | Tips: 4 | Power: Battery, rechargeable | Special Features: Rotating tips, rapid charging system

Best Budget

Burst Water Flosser



What We Like
  • Cordless design

  • Long-lasting battery life

  • Comes in various colors

What We Don’t Like
  • Has less pressure than corded options

Dr. Freking also likes this cordless option. At the risk of sounding vain, it’s one of the more aesthetically pleasing water flossers we’ve seen, featuring a sleek, compact design and available in white, black, pink, and purple. Charge it overnight, and you’ll get up to 80 days of battery life; it also comes with a convenient travel bag. It does only have three pressure settings, although they do offer a nice array of options. It also retails for a little less than other leading options.

Price at time of publish: $60

Pressure Settings: 3 | Tips: 1 (2 others can be purchased separately) | Power: Battery, rechargeable | Special Features: 80-day battery life, rotating tips

Best Multitasking

Jetpik JP200 Elite Dental Power Floss System



What We Like
  • Combines multiple dental tools

  • Good value

  • Can be charged via USB

What We Don’t Like
  • Must repurchase entire system if battery dies

This one device pretty much does it all. The innovative tool acts as a pulsing water irrigator, electric dental floss, and sonic toothbrush all in one, leaving your teeth and gums healthier and saving real estate on your countertop.

Price at time of publish: $90

Pressure Settings: 3 | Tips: 3 | Power: Battery, rechargeable | Special Features: Works as toothbrush and electric floss

Best for Deep Cleansing

Orasana WaterJet



What We Like
  • Cordless design

  • Safe for kids 8 years and up

  • Periodontist-developed

What We Don’t Like
  • Only has three pressure settings

This product was created by Dr. Sanda Moldovan, who says water flossing is her preferred flossing MO. “​​The pulsating water stream can reach up to 6 millimeters under the gum and 360 degrees around the tooth,” she explains. Most people don’t reach that deep with other flossing methods, she adds. Still, the adjustable three pressure levels are gentle enough that they can even be used on kids ages 8 and up.

Price at time of publish: $90

Pressure Settings: 3 | Tips: 3 | Power: Battery, rechargeable | Special Features: Easy-fill reservoir, comes with a travel case

Best for Braces

Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced



What We Like
  • Multiple streams and settings

  • Cordless design

What We Don't Like
  • Small reservoir

Oral-B is a trusted name in the dental game, and its portable Water Flosser Advanced model is one of the best for deep cleaning. With three pressure settings (intense, medium, and sensitive) and three flossing streams (Multi-jet, Focused, and Rotational), you're sure to get plaque and debris out of every nook and cranny. It's an especially good choice if you have braces because it gets in between the grooves of your teeth and other tight spaces. You'll even get two replacement nozzles in case one gets lost.

Price at time of publish: $85

Pressure Settings: 3 | Tips: 3 | Power: Battery, rechargeable | Special Features: Rechargeable handle, easy-fill reservoir

Best Value

Waterpik ION Professional Water Flosser



What We Like
  • Compact, cordless design

  • Long-lasting battery

  • Many pressure settings and tips included

What We Don't Like
  • Tips can get clogged

If you have periodontal pockets, or dental work like crowns and bridges, this water flosser has 10 pressure settings and 7 tips to access hard-to-reach areas. With full functionality, it's also compact and much smaller than other models, giving you a great value at a reasonable price. And it comes with a USB-A cable for easy charging, among other bells and whistles like a 1-minute timer.

Price at time of publish: $100

Pressure Settings: 10 | Tips: 7 | Power: Battery, rechargeable | Special Features: Magnetic rechargeable handle, easy-fill reservoir

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Waterpik Aquarius Flosser because it's equipped with everything you need to keep your gums healthy, like 10 pressure modes, seven tips, a large reservoir tank, and a massaging gum mode. But if you'd rather spend a little less, the cordless Burst Water Flosser is also effective and looks great on your bathroom counter. The Philips Sonicare Power Flosser is also a great option because it has a quiet operation, a unique X-stream of water to deep clean your gums, and it is approved by the American Dental Association.

Meet the Expert

  • Angelique Freking, DDS, is a general and cosmetic dentist and the director of dentistry at Park Slope Dental in New York City.
  • Sanda Moldovan, MS, DDS, is a double board-certified periodontist and nutritionist in Beverly Hills. She is also the founder of Orasana, an All-Natural Oral Health & Wellness brand that understands the connection between the mouth and the overall health of the body.

What to Look For in a Water Flosser

Power source

Are you going to be taking your water flosser with you to the office and on frequent trips? You may want a cordless, portable model that can easily be tucked away into your bag. If you require deeper cleaning, one product on this list combines a water flosser with an electric toothbrush and floss. Or, if children will be using the water flosser, you'll want an easy-to-use model that makes it fun for them to floss. Additionally, if you are planning on using your water flosser in the shower, be sure to find a water-resistant model.

Pressure modes

Everyone has different preferences for how soft or strong they want the water pressure against their teeth and gums to be. This is particularly important for those with sensitive and sore gums. Many models, including the Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser, have multiple settings to ensure your water flossing experience is comfortable. Lighter pressure modes can also be more suitable for children as they get used to using the water flosser.

Nozzle tips

Some models come with different-sized tips to place into the water flosser depending on if you have dental work like braces. Our pick for kids on this list, the Orasana WaterJet, has three tips to be used for regular cleaning or for braces. And the Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced has seven tips, ensuring you'll find the perfect one for you. Having more options means you can find the fit that works for you.

  • Do dentists recommend water flossers?

    Yes, many dentists recommend water flossers to their patients. And the American Dental Association awards the ADA Seal of Acceptance to water flossers that meet certain criteria, noting that they can help remove plaque from the gum line and between teeth. Studies have generally found that water flossers are at least as effective as using string floss to remove food particles from between teeth.

  • Do water flossers damage gums?

    No. Water flossers have undergone testing as to how they affect plaque formation, bleeding, and gum pocket depth. The consensus is that water flossers help remove plaque and are effective and safe to use.

  • Do water flossers help with bleeding gums?

    They can. One study showed reduced bacteria in gum pockets as deep as 6 millimeters, and another study showed that patients who reported gum inflammation and bleeding showed reduced bleeding after using a water flosser.

  • How often should you use a water flosser?

    At least once per day. As the American Dental Association recommends brushing teeth twice per day and flossing once per day, use your water flosser once per day in place of or after traditional flossing.

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