The Best Water Delivery Services to Quench Your Thirst

ReadyRefresh offers the most variety in water delivery services

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If the tap water in your area isn't great or you’re looking for more regularly-available filtered water, it might be time to invest in a water delivery service. It can be incredibly helpful at home, easy access to high-quality water daily is huge; and it can make a difference if you're running a business and want to make sure your employees have access to filtered H2O. Staying hydrated wherever you are, after all, is key.

Luckily, a variety of delivery services exist to bring you the amount and type of water you need at a price point that will match your budget. Here, we’ve rounded up the best water delivery services the market has to offer.

Best Water Delivery Services of 2023

The Best Water Delivery Services to Quench Your Thirst
The Best Water Delivery Services to Quench Your Thirst

Best Overall : ReadyRefresh

Why You Should Try It

ReadyRefresh offers an unparalleled range of water types and bottle sizes for business or home. Its varying prices can fit every budget.

Pros and Cons
  • Variety of water brands, types, sizes, and flavors, plus coffee and tea

  • One-time or recurring orders available

  • Helpful website answers common questions

  • Not as environmentally friendly as some other companies

  • Free shipping only with orders of $40 or more

  • Does not deliver to all zip codes nationwide


ReadyRefresh stands out for its variety, pricing, and ease of use. On the company’s comprehensive, user-friendly website, you can choose from a head-spinning variety of bottles and jugs of all water types, as well as coffee and tea (bonus!).

Delivery frequency is also your call, with one-time and recurring orders available. (Recurring delivery comes with about $50 off your first order.) The site’s pricing of both bottles and jugs starts at roughly $1.60 per gallon for a 5-gallon jug of Pure Life purified water. In bottles, select from multiple name brands, such as Perrier, Acqua Panna, Poland Spring, and Nestlé Pure Life.

Despite its many advantages, ReadyRefresh does come with a few downsides. With near-nationwide distribution, the company delivers to most geographic areas of the U.S, but not all, so check to make sure your zip code is within its boundaries. Wherever you live, you’ll need to pay for shipping unless your order totals about $40 or more.

And, although the company is transparent about its sustainability goals (like becoming a “Zero Waste to Landfill” business and re-filling customers’ used 5-gallon jugs), it hasn’t made as much earth-friendly progress as some competitors.

Best Variety : (Primo Water North America)

Primo Water

Primo Water

Why You Should Try It

From still and sparkling and everything in between, has you covered. Plus, with nationwide distribution via regional partners, this service is available just about anywhere.

Pros and Cons
  • Tons of variety of water types

  • Nationwide distribution with regional suppliers

  • Coffee and tea also available

  • Website is somewhat confusing

  • Prices are not very competitive

  • No discount for bulk purchases


As its name implies, is pretty all-encompassing—which is why it’s our choice for best variety. Depending on your area, visiting this site directs you to a local delivery provider to place your order for jugs or bottles. Folks in the southwest, for example, can expect to order through Sparkletts, while those in the midwest may end up doing business with Hinckley Springs or Crystal Springs.

That said, choosing a regional supplier won’t diminish your variety of options. Once you’ve established your location, dozens of refreshing choices are ripe for the picking (and drinking). Three- and 5-gallon jugs, 1-gallon distilled waters, bubbly LaCroix, artesian bottles, and flavored Sparkling Ice are among the selections here—not to mention coffee and tea.

With, you can place a one-time order or set up a recurring delivery service. However, the only delivery option is a two-week interval (though you can schedule delivery for any weekday). Prices vary by product, but aren’t terribly competitive with an average of $1.40 per gallon–and don’t come with free delivery.

Also, navigating the site can be rather confusing. It’s hard to differentiate between the offerings under the tabs Products, Services, and Shop. Still, for variety, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more diverse selection.

Best for Bottled Water : Fiji

Why You Should Try It

Fiji has a bottle size for every occasion, from itty-bitty 330 milliliters to 1.5 liters. Its crisp, clean taste is well-known and well-liked.

Pros and Cons
  • Multiple delivery frequencies

  • Commitment to sustainability

  • Various bottle sizes available

  • Quality product from artesian Fijian source

  • No gallon jug options

  • High price may be a barrier

  • Water travels a long distance from the Fijian islands


In our daydreams, we’d all probably like to sip fresh, cold water on a Fijian beach—but in the absence of a tropical vacay, Fiji Water is our choice for bringing the islands to you in bottled form.

Fiji’s delivery service offers five sizes, from a small, hand-held 330-milliliter bottle to a larger, pourable 1.5-liter option. Choices abound for delivery frequency, too, with seven-, 14-, 30-, 60-, or 90-day intervals (all with free shipping). And if clean, fresh water is your thing, Fiji doesn’t disappoint. The brand earns its high-end reputation with rave reviews about its smoothness and pH balance.

According to the company’s website, Fiji is serious about sustainability. They have made strides in reducing their plastic usage and have invested over $2.5 million in energy efficiency initiatives. But despite Fiji’s commitment to planetary health, there’s no getting around the fact that the water travels halfway across the globe to reach the U.S. Some shoppers may also find their prices—averaging around $10 per gallon—a bit much to swallow.

Best for 5-Gallon Jugs : Costco

Why You Should Try It

Costco’s straightforward service facilitates delivery with local partners. Choose from budget-friendly three- or five-gallon jugs.

Pros and Cons
  • Low price for budget-conscious shoppers

  • Three- or five-gallon options

  • Connects you to local delivery service

  • User-friendly website

  • Costco membership required

  • Lack of variety

  • Limited options for delivery interval


Costco is king for purchasing just about anything in bulk—and water is no exception. The big-box store’s water delivery service is one of its lesser-known benefits for members, with options for home-delivered water in three- or five-gallon jugs.

But don’t expect the jugs to come labeled with Costco’s signature Kirkland branding. Costco’s water delivery service operates with local partners, acting as a middle-man for your lower-priced order. Even so, you can take care of all your water delivery business on Costco’s easily navigable website.

There is, of course, one notable drawback to Costco’s water delivery service: If you’re not already a Costco member, you’ll need to sign up for the chain’s annual paid membership. Once you become a card carrier, though, prices are pleasantly low, starting at about $7 for a five-gallon jug.

However, selection and delivery options are quite limited. Depending on your local provider, you may only have the option to order one type of purified drinking water, rather than a variety of artesian, sparkling, or spring waters. Meanwhile, a two-week interval is the only delivery option in most regions.

Best Subscription : Culligan Water

Culligan Water

 Culligan Water

Why You Should Try It

Culligan offers subscription-based savings on a variety of waters and water-related products. Loyal users praise the company’s customer service.

Pros and Cons
  • A recurring subscription saves money

  • Wide variety of products, services, and accessories

  • A comprehensive website offers answers to common questions

  • Has a reputation for excellent service

  • Options for water-adjacent products and services can be overwhelming

  • Small orders may be pricey

  • Must schedule recurring delivery separate from the website


Culligan Water is your one-stop shop for all things purified water. No matter the amount you need—whether a few bottles or a recurring subscription of 20, 5-gallon jugs—Culligan delivers (literally).

With its subscription service, you’ll save money the more you purchase. Pricing for home delivery starts rather high at about $17 for a single 5-gallon water jug but diminishes with each additional jug. Twenty, 5-gallon jugs will set you back roughly $5 each (about $1 per gallon). Free shipping is an additional financial incentive.

Besides its bottles and jugs, Culligan offers a tremendous variety of other products and services. Water coolers, water testing, salt delivery for water softeners, and in-home filtration systems are just a few of the company’s array of offerings.

Culligan’s website is also a wealth of helpful information, with extensive FAQs and support resources. Long-time users rave about personalized service from friendly pros. On the other hand, if all you need is a small water order, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by Culligan’s plethora of services.

One other aspect of Culligan’s service may irk anyone who prefers online-only service. With this company, you won’t set your preferred delivery times online. A representative contacts you to determine your preferred delivery schedule once your order is placed.

Most Sustainable Service : Boxed Water

Why You Should Try It

Boxed Water’s impressive commitment to sustainability sets it apart from other brands.

Pros and Cons
  • Extremely environmentally friendly

  • Flavored options available

  • Multiple subscription service choices

  • Support a small business

  • High price point

  • No water jug options

  • Water from a municipal source may be a turn-off


For all the benefits of purified water, there’s no denying its plastic packaging isn’t great for the earth. According to Boxed Water, 1 million single-use plastic bottles are purchased every minute, contributing to the buildup of waste in oceans and landfills.

Think inside the box with this more sustainably packaged drink: Not only does Boxed Water come in 92% plant-based, renewable packaging, but the company has also planted over 1 million trees as part of its earth-friendly mission. (Each new subscription comes with a tree planting.) And even though Boxed Water is from a municipal source, it undergoes an eight-step purification process to create a clean, healthy finished product.

Granted, what’s better for the planet is usually harder on your wallet. Boxed Water’s deliveries are significantly pricier than many other services. Package options vary from about $15 for an 6-pack of 500-milliliter boxes to roughly $37 for a 12-pack of 1-liter boxes—and the company does not offer water jugs. If budget is a consideration, Boxed Water may not be the service for you.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

It may seem like water is water, but when it comes to H2O delivery services, there are more options than you might think. Types, sizes, and prices of bottles and jugs vary widely across companies. For a great selection, consider ReadyRefresh. Fiji offers a beloved taste, while Culligan is known for top-notch service. has variety galore, and Boxed Water is a top choice for the planet. Want to keep things simple with a perk of your big box membership? Opt for Costco. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to be refreshed—on your terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Have Water Delivered to Your House?

If a simple, low-cost drink is what you’re after, you can subscribe to a delivery service like ReadyRefresh for as low as roughly $1.60 per gallon. On the other side of the spectrum, in our search, we spotted prices as high as roughly $37 for a 12-pack of 1-liter boxes.

What Types of Water Can I Get From a Water Delivery Service?

Name a favorite water and you can probably find a service that delivers it. Springwater is the most popular for everyday drinking, but distilled, alkaline, and artesian waters all have delivery markets, as well. Even sparkling waters or those with subtle flavorings can be ordered with regular subscriptions.

How Do Water Delivery Services Work?

You can opt for the type of delivery service that suits your needs. Delivery subscriptions offer a “set-and-forget” style service that automatically shows up at your door every week, two weeks, or month. (Several companies don’t even require you to be home when your products are delivered.) But take note: Some subscription services only supply three- or five-gallon jugs, rather than bottles, so you may need to be prepared to invest in a water dispenser.


Since everyone has different priorities when it comes to choosing the best water delivery service, we looked at multiple factors for our evaluation. However, our top consideration was cost—because, despite variations in quality, most of us probably don’t want to pay top dollar for water. National distribution, accessibility, service, quality of product, and variety also played a role in our rankings. All of the delivery services that made our list have national or near-national distribution.

Best Water Delivery Services of 2022

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