The Best Volumizing Brow Product I've Ever Used

For several years, I’ve used the same Kevyn Aucoin eyebrow pencil—a handy tool with the perfect soft-tipped pencil on one end, and spooly on the other. If anybody tried to sell me on the merits of their preferred brow filler of choice, I’d politely smile and nod, because to quote The Real World: They thought they knew, but had no idea. And nothing could convince me to switch camps. I was #loyaltothedeath.

That is, until I found myself in a makeup artist’s chair getting ready to attend the Grammys. It was then that I looked in the mirror and saw the thickest, most voluminous brows. I actually did a double-take, like in the movies. The makeup artist handed me the Covergirl product he’d used, a cute little pot of powder called Bombshell POW-der Brow + Liner ($9), which he sent me home with.

The next day, I used the just-launched product on myself for the first time, and both the process of applying it and the resulting effect was mind-boggling. The applicator is a wand with a spongy soft tip, like that of a lip-gloss, which sits in a pot of powder. You unscrew the cap-wand and brush your eyebrows with it, wherever you want depth, volume, and definition. I brushed it first on top of my arch, then all through the center of the brow and a few strokes underneath, and afterwards my brows looked three times as thick without looking the least bit harsh or Groucho Marx-esque. (The amount of product that’s on the tip initially is enough for one brow; then I’d suggest dipping it back into the pot to do the second brow).

I am a beauty editor who is supposed to have all kinds of words to describe these things at her disposal, but the product is so wondrous that all I can think of is…magic. The “POW-der” delivers thick Audrey Hepburn brows that you look like you were born with, in seconds.

The spongy tip creates a line like a paint stroke, but without the permanence of paint. The result is a look that’s defined, but soft and natural. I still love my trusty Kevyn Aucoin pencil, but to have found an option that’s 1/3 the price with such effortless payoff feels pretty incredible. Now I just need to post my #onfleek viral Vine.

Have you tried this brow product yet? Do you have a favorite brow volumizer? Share it with us in the comments!