These Are the Best Vitamins for Skin, According to Experts

Remember when our parents tried to trick us into taking vitamins with those candy-like things that were shaped after the Flinstones? For many, that was our first foray into the vitamin world. Now that we're older, we're no longer resisting vitamin intake, but opening our arms wide and open to it. We know vitamins are essential not only for our overall health but for our skin as well.

We asked dermatologist Carl Thornfeldt, MD, and dermatologist Neal Schultz, MD, founder of and creator of Beauty Rx by Dr. Schultz, what they consider the best vitamins for skin. They broke down which vitamins work best for acne, dryness, and evening out skin tone. While Thornfeldt had no problem suggesting supplements, Schultz believes that vitamins are most effective in skincare products. So whether you love taking supplements or are strictly a product-only person, we've got options for you.

Scroll down to see what they say are the best vitamins for skin.