Turns Out We've Been Taking Our Supplements Wrong All Along

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We'll lay our cards on the table: It took us a long time to jump on the vitamin supplements bandwagon. Of course, we were well aware of the skin-brightening, hair-strengthening, gut-balancing power of the best beauty supplements, but the thought of downing five pills, each the size of a walnut, every morning is enough to put us off our breakfast açaí bowl altogether. But it turns out we might have been taking them wrong all along anyway. And the answer is actually a much more palatable alternative: vitamin sprays. 

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Think of vitamin sprays as face mists for your mouth. They're being touted as a much more efficacious route to ingesting vitamins, minerals and herbs, and as such, they are really starting to cause a stir amongst the wellness set—us included.

So what makes them so much better than the tablets we've been struggling to swallow? When you take a tablet, it has to first travel through the digestive system, where a lot of its potency can be lost. "Going through the digestive system is always a compromised route due to the highly acidic nature of the stomach," reveals Shabir Daya, MRPharmS, pharmacist and co-founder of Victoria Health.

Vitamin sprays, however, target one of our most absorbent body parts: the mouth. "The gums, cheeks and under the tongue are sites rich in capillary networks that may allow vitamins and herbs to pass quickly into the bloodstream," Daya adds. So not only will more of the pure substance be put to its intended use in the body, but spraying vitamins directly into your mouth can make them work faster too.

Don't throw out your entire medicine cabinet just yet, though, as the jury is still out on whether all vitamins, minerals and herbs are best absorbed this way, but vitamin D, vitamin B12, turmeric (if you aren't sure of its benefits, take a look here), omegas and melatonin are all great in spray form.

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