The Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services

Eating plant-based meals has never been easier.

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Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services

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Sometimes you just don't want to think about planning or prep for a healthy meal. Whether you follow a vegetarian diet or are simply looking to get some more greens, a vegetarian meal delivery service can be a helpful solution.

From prepared options to grocery goodies, there's a service available for you. Plus, you'll get to try everything from simple smoothies to yummy chickpea desserts. And we made the process a little bit easier by sifting through the companies out there. Here, we rounded up the best vegetarian meal delivery services, so you can start making dinner easier without sacrificing your veggies.

Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services of 2021

Best Overall: Hungryroot



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Why We Chose It: Hungryroot provides easy-to-make meals for all sorts of dietary preferences. Its healthy desserts, like black bean brownie batter and white bean peanut butter cup cookie dough, are standouts that taste like actual cookies. 

What We Like

  • Healthy cooking made easy
  • Desserts are incredible
  • Wide variety of foods
  • Meals don't take more than 20 minutes to make

What We Don’t Like

  • Light on the prepared foods
  • Vegetables weren't always super fresh
  • Lack of variety
  • Sauces can be bland 

Founded in 2015, Hungryroot has since expanded to offer more than 100 products. The best part: The service offers vegan, vegetarian, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, pescatarian, tree-nut free, peanut-free, and egg-free options, so you'll definitely find something to enjoy.

Hungryroot is perfect if you’re already a creative cook and you’re looking to make your life easier. Along with snacks, the company provides you with grocery buys you can easily turn into meals that you sauté, microwave, or bake. And not to worry: It provides you with recipes, so you can make delicious meals like chickpea curry and braised lemongrass tofu nuggets or grilled chicken with cauliflower linguine. 

It's also one of the most filling vegetarian options, as the company has healthy grains like Banza chickpea pasta as well as protein, like Beyond Meatballs (paired with marinara sauce). Instead of doing an Instacart order, Hungryroot offers a much easier (and delicious) week of cooking. 

Hungryroot is especially good if you live somewhere that doesn’t have tons of vegetarian options or if you’re simply getting tired of making the same old recipes. You can use the service to order specialty grocery store items as well. 

To start your Hungryroot subscription, you'll sign up for weekly deliveries that you can pause at any time. Pricing plans average from roughly $60 to $100 per week. Minimum weekly deliveries start at about $59.

Best for Funky Flavors: Provenance Meals

Provenance Meals

Provenance Meals

Why We Chose It: Provenance Meals is a WOC-founded wellness brand that ships organic, prepared meals and snacks that are made from scratch. The service's recipes are anti-inflammatory and inspired by founder Caroll Lee’s mother’s Korean cooking. The company ships nationwide and is expanding to the west coast with more farm partners and a Los Angeles headquarters. 

What We Like

  • The soups are equally healthy and delicious
  • Easy to customize deliveries 

What We Don’t Like

  • Combined ingredients can sometimes taste a bit unusual
  • Not for picky eaters

Provenance offers prepared meals and cleanse programs that are equal parts healthy and flavorful. It's also successfully gained quite the celebrity following, including "Real Housewives" star Sonja Morgan, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" actress Rachel Brosnahan, Naomi Watts, and more.

Provenance offers some of the most inventive meals, including Hibiscus Lime Chia Fresca for a snack, a Black Garlic Quinoa Burger with Jicama Fries and Cashew Cheese Sauce for dinner, and soups with toppings that come in their own container (so nothing ends up soggy). 

The Feel Good Fix is a great option to start with. The three-day program is about $198 and ships nationwide and comes with herbal detox tea, camu cacao shake powder, and lots more. But If you want a longer-term program, that's an option, too: Those start at about $52 per day. This one is perfect if you’re bored with making the same Alison Roman recipe every week and want to try something new. 

Best for the Northeast: Eat Sunny

Eat Sunny

Eat Sunny

Why We Chose It: We selected Eat Sunny because its plans are based on the Mediterranean diet, so they’re super healthy and filling. 

What We Like

  • Focuses on superfoods and having a balanced diet 
  • Offers tons of different vegetables

What We Don’t Like

  • Plan is only available in the Northeast (as of January 2021)

If you’re looking for a really balanced meal plan, Eat Sunny offers whole foods, superfoods like sweet potatoes, spinach, and kale, healthy fats, and plant-based protein. What we love most about Eat Sunny is how the vegetarian options focus on slow-digesting grains and plant-based protein sources, so these will make you feel good.

Vegetarian options include baked eggs with lentils for breakfast, tempeh squash salad for lunch, and cauliflower fried rice with tofu for dinner, so you’ll be full of protein. Eat Sunny even provides snacks, like oat bars and oatmeal chickpea chocolate chip cookies.

You can opt for a three- or five-day plan, or order a la carte. Nine meals and three snacks runs about $189, with deliveries on Sundays and Wednesdays in New York City. You can also get deliveries in the Hamptons on Long Island and in Connecticut, Westchester, and New Jersey. We can’t wait until Eat Sunny starts shipping nationwide!

Best for Produce: Misfits Market

Misfits Market

Misfits Market

Why We Chose It: We chose Misfits Market because of its focus on great quality produce (no matter how funny it looks), and its mission to “break the cycle of food waste.” 

What We Like

  • High-quality produce
  • Great substitute for a farm box
  • Recipes help you figure out easy new meals to make

What We Don’t Like

  • Need to get some of the ingredients on your own
  • Produce isn't always the most aesthetically appealing

Misfits Market offers customizable boxes of fruits, vegetables, pantry items, and even proteins—including plant-based—in weekly deliveries. The service also has a vast library of recipes on its website.

Many of those recipes use cheese and other ingredients, so they're good options for vegetarian eaters. Another fun thing to do is to use the vegetables you receive to create your own dishes.

Each box has a $30 minimum, but they're fully customizable; fill it with items of your choice, whether it's fruits and vegetables, pantry staples such as olive oil and flour, snacks, and even proteins. Misfits is a great option if you’re trying to introduce more vegetables into your diet and aren’t quite sure where to start.

Best for Prepared Meals: Territory Foods

Territory Foods

 Territory Foods

Why We Chose It: We selected Territory Foods because it's one of the most accessible options, offering meals that are already prepared.

What We Like

  • Offers healthier ingredients
  • No cooking involved
  • Large portions

What We Don’t Like 

  • Less creative than other companies
  • Prepared meals

If you're looking for healthy meals made easy, Territory Foods is a solid pick. It's like Lean Cuisine, only far healthier and more delicious: You can expect fresh ingredients, low-calorie meals, and big portions. What's not to love?

There are options for every diet: paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, "mixatarian" (if you're a bit more flexible), and Mediterranean. Meals come prepared already, and you can just heat them up for a quick lunch or dinner.

You can order as many as 18 meals a week and personalize them based on which diet you follow. In each meal, you can expect approximately 400 to 650 calories. Meals start at about $14 each and increase from there.

Bottom Line

All of the programs on this list offer something different. If you want delicious, easy smoothies and healthy desserts, try Daily Harvest. For produce, Misfits Market is your best bet especially if you don’t have access to a farm box in your neighborhood. Territory Foods is a solid pick if you’re looking to stock up with much healthier prepared options. Eat Sunny is ideal if you’re in the Northeast and have access to it since it’s one of the most balanced options. Provenance Meals has delicious soups, and its toppings stay fresh because it’s packaged so conveniently with fresh herbs, nuts, and more in separate containers. 

But we found the best all-around pick is Hungryroot because it provides a little bit of everything. There’s prepared food you can microwave, vegetables you can sauté, grains that cook quickly, and proteins. It provides balanced meals but also makes both grocery shopping and dinner prep far easier. Plus, the healthy desserts are unbeatable.

What Are Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services? 

Vegetarian meal delivery services send you meals regularly that are plant-based and cater to a vegetarian diet. Some meals (or soups, smoothies, and healthy desserts) are prepared already, and you just have to heat them up, while others require following a recipe. 

What Kind of Meals Do Subscription Meal Services Offer? 

You can get deliveries that come weekly, monthly, or order specialty items for one time only. Some of these services also offer specific detox programs. Vegetarian food varies, but can be salads, soups, smoothies, Beyond Meat, or healthy desserts made of chickpeas. Some offer grocery store brands while others have their own in-house products. 

How Much Do Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services Cost?

Prices vary depending on what you’re getting delivered. Some services let you buy per item, while others are pricier depending on the frequency of meals. Almost all of the options decrease the price if you get deliveries more frequently. On average, you can expect to pay between $50 to $100 per week. On the higher-end, daily rates are more expensive (e.g., Provenance Meals can be $52 per day).

How We Chose the Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services

We looked at some of the most popular options available. Daily Harvest advertises constantly, whether on Facebook or the New York subway. Many are extremely popular, like Misfits Market and Hungryroot. Others are just getting started, like Eat Sunny and Provenance. We tried many of the services personally and also assessed pricing, produce quality, variety of foods and/or recipes, and online reviews.

We wanted a mix of healthy options, so we tried to stay away from cleanses and instead focused on whole foods that provide lots of nourishment along. We also wanted a mix of options, including prepared meals, produce, dishes you make yourself with specific instructions, and microwavable and blendable options. 

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