Experts Agree: This Food Is the Best Vegan Source of Protein

There are few myths regarding veganism that I tire of dispelling more than the notion that it's difficult to get enough protein. Experts can back me up on that: "Both the notion that plant-based diets lack adequate protein and that athletes cannot build enough muscle on a plant-based diet [could not be] further from the truth," says registered dietitian Kim McDevitt. The fact of the matter is that there's more protein hiding in plant-based foods, from lentils to brown rice to tofu to spinach, than most people think. (In my nearly six years as a vegan, I've never had any problems with protein deficiency—and I actually tend to steer clear of most protein powders and faux meats.)

This all being said, some plant protein sources are obviously superior to others, and particularly for those who are looking to build muscle or amp up their daily intake, it might be useful to know which foods specifically offer the most bang for their buck. This applies to vegans and non-vegans alike, by the way—plant sources of proteins tend to be "cleaner" than those from animals and are less likely to also contain cholesterol and hormones. (This of course also comes down to shopping smarter at the grocery store.)

So which plant-based food do experts deem the best source of protein? Keep scrolling to find out.