The Best Beauty Looks to Try This Valentine's Day

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Whether you're getting together with friends, celebrating with a partner, or indulging in some alone time and self-care, Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday not only to treat yourself and the ones you love but also to create some pretty gorgeous makeup looks. From dewy, highlighted skin to bold red lips and even pink eyeshadow, there are so many ways your makeup can make a statement that even Cupid would be impressed with. Ahead, we've compiled a stunning list of makeup looks suitable for Valentine's Day that you'll instantly fall in love with. Spoiler alert: You're definitely going to want to rock a bold lip after this.

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Bold Beauty

Create the ultimate power look for Valentine's Day with a bold red lip and sultry eyeliner. The matte lipstick finish looks incredible when paired with eyeliner and bold, brushed-up eyebrows. If you're looking for a matte lipstick that will last all day, try this formula from Giorgio Armani Beauty.

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Pink Lids

Pink eyeshadow never goes out of style no matter the season or occasion. Swipe on your favorite pink shadow on the lids and pair it with soft, rose-colored lips for a Valentine's look that is easy to achieve and also impressive.

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Modern-Day Valentine

The beauty of Valentine's Day makeup is it can be anything you want it to be and not necessarily themed. This makeup look is a modern take on soft glamour and we are totally here for it. Each feature is perfectly considered, not to mention the cheek sculpting is next-level gorgeous. For glowing skin, try Smashbox Cosmetics Halo Healthy Glow All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer ($36) to even out skin as your foundation.

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Fierce and Fun

Create a fierce Valentine's makeup look with abstract hot pink shadow. Need we say more? The look speaks for itself, and pairs well with glossy lips and natural skin.

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Festive AF

Mixing colors and textures allows for lots of glamour, like these bold lips and shimmering lids in pink and red. A winged eyeliner seals it all together for an ideal look when you want to make a statement or dress up for the occasion. If you prefer to build your lip color, layer Flower Beauty's Bitten Lip Stain ($10) in your color of choice until it's bold enough for your liking.

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Soft Glam

Give the gift of glamour this Valentine's Day. Everything we see here is absolutely incredible, from eyes to lip color. Adding a subtle cut crease to the eyes and just enough blush for the cheeks, you're going to want to wear this makeup look over and over, no matter the occasion. For a pop of color on the cheeks, apply a cream blush like Lilah b. Divine Duo Lip and Cheek in shade b. true ($46).

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Watermelon Sugar

Add some shimmer to the lids with a watermelon-toned eyeshadow, and pair it with a soft, matte pink lip for a delicate balance. This look is everything you need for Valentine's Day beauty inspo and then some.

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Slay It With Liner

If breaking hearts is what you're after, this abstract eyeliner with clean, sharp edges in a bold red shade is certain to speed up the process. Get as creative as you want this year with Valentine's Day makeup—there are absolutely no rules.

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Romance Is Not Dead

Romance is alive and thriving in this incredible look that touts bright fuchsia lips with a more subtle eyeshadow in the same color family. The bolder the better, so you can pack on as much pigment to your pout as you want.

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Keep It Sultry

A smoky eye and nude lips might just be the perfect recipe for an unforgettable Valentine's Day. Gray shadow tones grace the lid with bold eyeliner; the nude lipstick and subtle highlight brings it home.

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Pastel Dreams

Just like the famous pastel candied hearts, this pink is everything and more in pastel form. Generously blend pastel pink shadow on the lids and add a touch of gloss to the lips for the finishing touch.

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Bolder, Better

Shock everyone with a bright orange-red lip this Valentine's Day and watch the compliments roll in. With detailed eyeliner and defined brows, everything about this look is a win.

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Major Beauty

Make a major beauty statement this Valentine's Day and let the lips do all the talking. With a lipstick color as gorgeous as this one, you won't have to do much else to turn all the right heads. Nars lipstick in Schiap ($26) is the perfect vivid pink tone if you're on the hunt for one.

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Natural Glam

Natural skin with a hint of liquid liner proves that your makeup doesn't need to be over-the-top for Valentine's Day to make the right statement. Defined brows and lip gloss perfectly complement the eyeliner, bringing the whole look together.

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It's All Roses

Red liner is welcome anytime, especially on Valentine's Day. While it might be the classic color of a significant V-day staple (red roses), this modern twist on liner shows how the shade is wearable in the best way.

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Modern Love

Pink eyeliner, red lips, and nails, this look screams Valentine's Day and we can't stop staring. Whether you want to create a natural tight liner line or get more creative with it, the possibilities are endless with this gorgeous color combo.

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Major Metallic

Give us all the metallic shadow and give it to us now! Deep pink shadow shimmers in all the right ways on the lids, and the iridescent details are beyond when the light hits for a shimmering masterpiece we've bookmarked as a favorite. Alima Pure's pressed eyeshadow in shade Siren ($26) can help re-create this shadow look.

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Enchanting Eyes

Create definition and pop your eyes with shadow colors and liner that accentuate the shape. A light, smoky palette gives instant glamour without having to look dark or complicated. Bold lips are always a great idea for Valentine's Day. We approve of everything that's happening here.

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Valentine Vixen

This might be the fiercest makeup look we've ever seen that is notably also perfect for Valentine's Day. If you want to keep the drama to your makeup and nothing else, we highly recommend re-creating this masterpiece for yourself.

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Hot pink iridescent shadow gives the lids the perfect amount of color when paired with a pastel pink lip that steals the show. Each tone works together to help create a beautiful Valentine's Day makeup look that will most certainly be worth repeating.

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