Urban Outfitters Has a High-Key Amazing Beauty Selection


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is basically synonymous with Gen Z. It's one of those places you go to see the seamless intersectionality of fashion, beauty, and home décor. Although it's known best for clothing and accessories, we think it's time we put a spotlight on the brand's ever-growing beauty section because all this time it's been quietly pulling together a high-key amazing group of skincare, makeup, and hair products.

It's a beauty section that combines some of our tried-and-true favorites with lesser-known indie products that you wouldn't have heard of otherwise. There are also quite a few international brands that we're happy to have access to through UO's doors—including buzzy new brands based out of Australia and Korea. So without further ado, keep scrolling to see some of the best beauty products sold at Urban Outfitters. Full disclosure: There are 22. We know that we have a lot of favorites, but there are so many products worth mentioning.