10 Beauty Products Our Significant Others Constantly Steal



It all starts out innocently enough: You start seeing someone, clocking more time together, and casually spend your morning shower dreaming about the day you can outfit their bathroom in less tragic beauty products. No? Just me? Occupational hazard, I suppose.

If you are involved with someone, it’s only natural they’ll get their hands on your beloved stash at some point. You’ll step into the bathroom to begin your morning routine and notice your favorite moisturizer is decidedly… less full than the last time you opened it. You’ll look at your S.O.’s glossy, nicely scented hair and wonder why that sheen is so familiar. Or you spend so much time hiding products from your roommate that you may as well apply for a marriage license. Either way, your products are dwindling, and it’s obvious why.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with keeping multipurpose products around. You can split the bill and keep your overnight guest’s skin and hair looking fly to boot. Win-win. Keep scrolling for every product our love interests are consistently interested in.

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