10 of the Best Hair Products You've Never Heard Of

You know when you fall in love with a song on an album but then the radio picks it up and suddenly everyone else loves it too? It's like your special bond with the song is broken and tarnished by the mainstream. That's sort of the same way we view under-the-radar hair products—the kind that transform our locks into something worthy of a magazine cover—but because nothing gives us more joy than bringing awareness to brands and chatting all day about an incredible product, we're fine with spilling our secrets. As for our favorite songs—well, that's just between us and our iTunes accounts.

Below, scroll through some of the favorite lesser-known hair products we're obsessed with. From sprays to shampoos to treatments, you're bound to discover something that just may prompt you to push your more popular products to the side. Happy browsing!

What little-known product do you think we should know about? Please share with us below!