The Best Under-Eye Concealers, According to the Internet

Dark circles—the bane of your existence, and the reason your coworker has commented on how “tired” you look for the third day in a row. Unfortunately, getting more sleep doesn’t always equal brighter, more awake-looking eyes. Instead, you can blame your perpetual panda look largely on genetics (thanks, Mom!). To which we say: thank goodness for concealer. Except for when your holy grail concealer, the one that hides zits and redness in one sweep, somehow loses all of its powers under your eyes. Cue the despair and impending sense of doom.

Luckily, you’re not the only one who’s ever been in this position. We asked our friends at Rank & Style to help (they’re a site that aggregates data from every corner of the web to bring you unbiased top ten lists of the best fashion and beauty products). Ahead, you’ll find five of the most popular under-eye concealers, according to countless reviews and user feedback on the Internet. AKA, the masses have spoken and these are the top products they unanimously agree make the cut. Curious? Keep scrolling for the best under-eye concealers, according to the Internet!