These Are the Best-Selling Hair Products at Ulta

In the ever-growing world of beauty destinations (cosmetic lines are now even popping up in Barnes & Noble, for goodness sake), Ulta Beauty is a powerhouse that doesn't get enough recognition. In it, you can shop your favorite prestige brands along with your drugstore needs; in the same shopping trip, you can get an Anastasia Brow Wiz ($21), Gaultier Parfum ($75), Scünci hair ties ($3), and Gilette Venus Razors ($12). It's truly a one-stop shop.

Ulta also has a ton of great perks, like a frequent $3.50-off-a-$10-purchase coupon, free gifts, a killer front-of-store travel-size section, and even its own brand of high-quality cosmetics (at unbeatable prices, no less). And among these great perks is a haircare section for the books. There are countless tools, prestige styling products, including your fave cheapie shampoos that'll only run you a few George Washingtons. So while you may have grown accustomed to the land of black and white stripes for your hair essentials, we implore you to also venture down the aisles of Ulta where your dollar stretches even further. Check out the most beloved Ulta hair buys below!

What's your favorite hair product at Ulta? Tell us below!